All Nicotine Brand Pouches

Find your new favourite pouch from the best nicotine pouch brands in the US


ZYNs, created by Swedish Match, offer a high-quality, tobacco-free option for those seeking a nicotine experience without smoke or spit. Originally developed in Sweden, ZYNs have gained popularity and expanded their range to cater to the American market with flavors like Wintergreen and Cinnamon.

10 flavors
2 nicotine strengths (3mg and 6mg)
Dry nicotine pouches


On! nicotine pouches provide a tobacco leaf-free alternative for individuals aged 21 and above who are looking for an alternative to traditional tobacco products. 

7 flavor variants
3 nicotine strengths (2mg, 4mg and 8mg)
Dry nicotine pouch


Rogue nicotine pouches offer a tobacco leaf-free way to enjoy nicotine whenever and wherever you choose. Rogue provides a convenient and satisfying option for adults seeking a hassle-free nicotine experience. 

10 flavors
2 nicotine strengths (3mg and 6mg)
Large pouch sizes


VELO nicotine pouches embody their Scandinavian heritage with a collection of premium pouches made to ensure a high-quality experience.

10 flavors
3 nicotine strengths (2mg, 4mg and 7mg)
Mini dry pouches

Juice Head

Juice Head pouches are one of the world's first fruit-forward pouches. Crafted using synthetic nicotine, they provide a tobacco-free and smoke-free option for adult nicotine users.

5 flavors
2 nicotine strength options (6mg and 12mg)
Made with Zero Tobacco Nicotine® (ZTN)


FRĒ nicotine pouches are a high-impact and smokeless way to enjoy nicotine no matter where you are. Their range of pouches are mess-free, high quality and easy to use for smokers or existing nicotine users who are constantly on the go. 

4 flavors
3 nicotine strengths (9mg, 12mg and 15mg)
Semi-dry portions


Level up with L!X:  a brand of Canadian-made nicotine pouches that give you flavor satisfaction guaranteed, wherever you go for up to 60 minutes.

7 flavors
2 nicotine strengths (6mg and 9mg)
Soft portions


Experience the unique formulation of Sesh+ Nicotine Pouches, crafted in Sweden with a specialized gum base for a softer and more comfortable pouch. 

3 flavors
3 nicotine strengths (4mg, 6mg and 8mg)
Gum Based Formulation


NIC-S were developed from the Scandinavian thinking where alternative nicotine products have been at the forefront, with a range of 100% tobacco-free nicotine pouches inspired by Scandinavian nature. 

6 flavors
3 nicotine strengths (3mg, 6mg and 9mg)
100% Synthetic Nicotine and Pine Resin Cans


Discover Lucy's range of two tobacco-free nicotine pouches, Breakers and Slim, designed to provide adults convenient and high-quality and unique nicotine pouch experiences. 

6 flavors (3 Breaker flavors and 3 Slim Pouch flavors)
3 nicotine strengths (4mg, 8mg and 12mg)
Unique Breakers range that contain liquid-filled flavor capsules.