Flavored Nicotine Pouches

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The Classic Mint Flavors

Dive into our range of mint-flavored nicotine pouches. Whether you prefer the sweeter flavour of wintergreen or the sting of peppermint, our assortment of mint nicotine pouches has you covered. 


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The Fruity Flavors

Enhance your nicotine experience with the sweetness of fruit flavors. Our selection of fruit-flavored nicotine pouches includes classic fruit flavours (such as berry, cherry and strawberry) as well as tropical flavors (such as mango and dragon fruit). 


The Coffee Flavors

Combine two things you enjoy: coffee and nicotine. Enhance your nicotine experience with the sweet sensation of a fancy cup of joe.


The Spiced Flavors

Add a kick of spice to your nicotine experience. Add a comforting warmth to your nicotine experience with the popular, familiar flavor of cinnamon.


The Citrus Flavors

One of the most popular flavors of nicotine pouches, you can find all variations of citrus notes. Whether you prefer more of a lemon flavor or more lime inclined, there are pouches for all types of citrus lover.


The Unflavored Flavor

While unflavored isn’t necessarily a flavor, these pouches are great if you want to appreciate the nicotine experience without added flavors.


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Whether you’ve tried out your fair share of nicotine pouch brands, or you instantly met your match, by now you’re probably pretty acquainted with what nicotine pouches are. But have you ever wondered what’s inside these discreet pouches that keep you coming back for more?