Rogue Nicotine Gum Mixpack

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This mixpack contains: Rogue Peppermint 2mg, Rogue Peppermint 4mg, Rogue Fruit Flavor 2mg, Rogue Fruit Flavor 4mg, Rogue Wintergreen 2mg & Rogue Wintergreen 4mg

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Do you like Rogue Nicotine Gum already, or want to try it out? Look no further! This mixpack contains all 6 varieties of Rogue Nicotine Gum. A selection of different flavors and strengths, so you can find the perfect fit. This mixpack is made for anyone who wants to try something new and wants a variety of Rogue Nicotine Gum, find your new favorite today!

This mixpack contains:
1 Rogue Peppermint 2mg
1 Rogue Peppermint 4mg
1 Rogue Fruit Flavor 2mg
1 Rogue Fruit Flavor 4mg
1 Rogue Wintergreen 2mg
1 Rogue Wintergreen 4mg

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Brand Rogue
Manufacturer NicoGen Pharma Solutions
Nicotine Level Less intense
Product Info Flavored, Tobacco Free, Gum
Weight per piece (g) 1.8
Flavor Fruit, Peppermint, Wintergreen
For 1 Roll order 1
Net Weight (g) 216
Net Weight (oz) 7.62
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