Swedish Match

Swedish Match is a Swedish (as the name suggests) snus manufacturing company. The business has been active for over 100 years and is one of the world’s largest snus producers. Snus may be the crown jewel in Swedish Match’s line, but they also manufacture other products – like moist snuff, cigars, chewing tobacco, matches and lighters.

From monopoly to free market: A timeline

1915: AB Svenska Tobaksmonopolet (Swedish Tobacco Monopoly) is founded, nationalizing all Swedish tobacco factories. The purpose is to collect tax money to finance a new pension system and expand the military.

1960: The tobacco monopoly is abolished in Sweden. The Swedish Tobacco Monopoly is converted into the state-owned company Svenska Tobaks AB.

1967: The first circular shaped snus container is introduced. This particular type of snus box is still in use today.

1977: The first portion snus, Tre Ankare, is launched.

1984: The company changes its name to Procordia. Six years later, Swedish car manufacturer Volvo acquires a part of the company and becomes the main shareholder together with the Swedish state.

1992: Procordia acquires the match and lighter company Swedish Match.

1994: Procordia and Swedish Match merge and take the name Swedish Match.

1999: Swedish Match shifts their focus to smokeless tobacco products like cigars, matches and lighters. The company’s cigarette production is sold to Austria Tabak.

2010: Swedish Match and Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) form a global company, securing a leading market position in the area of cigars, pipe tobacco and fine-cut tobacco.