nicotine product price comparison

How Much Does Nicotine Cost? Comparing Nicotine Prices in the U.S.


Wallets across the U.S. have been taking a beating lately - the rising costs and inflation mean that it is more important than ever to keep an eye on your wallet and where your money goes. Nicotine prices seem to be especially prone to dramatic increases year over year, with Americans spending around 50% more on cigarettes than the global average,  so which nicotine products are most expensive?  Read on for our overview of average nicotine prices (pre-tax and excise), ranked from cheapest to most expensive, so you can get an idea of current costs and how much you can save by making the switch to other nicotine products and going tobacco-free.


1. Nicotine Pouches Price



How much nicotine pouches cost depends on the pouches you pick and how often you use them. Prices per can start at $1.99 per can of 20 pouches - making it around $.0.09 cents per pouch (pre-tax and excise). 

This makes them not only a great smoke-free nicotine option, but they have the cheapest nicotine prices for users.


2. Nicotine Gum Price



Nicotine gum is a great alternative to nicotine pouches, for a slightly different experience. However, when it comes to prices, they do end up averaging out at a much higher yearly cost than nicotine pouches or smokeless tobacco products. ‘

With nicotine gum, it is recommended you use no more than 24 pieces each day. If we take this as an average number of pieces used: with 20 pieces of gum per container, you would need around 437 tins of nicotine gum per year. The price of a single pack of nicotine gum starts at $3.79, which means per year you would be spending around $1,656 before tax. 



3. Chewing Tobacco Price



The amount you could be spending per year can range from around $300 per year (if you are a light user, only using on average 2 cans per week) all the way up to $2,000 per year (if you are a heavier user and get through a can per day).

Smokeless tobacco products (often known as “dip” or “chew”) are usually priced relatively similarly to nicotine pouches - but as they contain tobacco, they will be subject to local tobacco taxes. 

Some states have banned flavored smokeless tobacco, making the price of the tobacco much higher in neighboring states due to the demand for the product - so keep this in mind!


4. Vape Price



The cost of vaping is can vary, most vapers spending around $204 per month. Vaping might seem cheap initially, however adding up all the different mods, brands and means you probably spend more than you realize. Plus, you have to pay for all the initial setup! 

5. Cigarette Prices



The prices of cigarettes in the U.S. is around 50% higher than the global average. Why? High taxes as well as fees on tobacco products imposed by the state and federal governments. Federal excises on cigarettes has increased 10,000% since 2009 (going from 1 cent in 2009 to $1.01 per pack in 2020). 

Smoking is an expensive habit to keep up with: you not only have to factor in cigarettes, but the cost of other connected expenses, such as lighters and breath mints. 

That is not all, research found that each year in the U.S. over $170 billion of medical bills are due to smoking-related issues - adding an extra $1,400 per year of expenses for each smoker in the U.S. 



We know that a decision to switch has so many factors, not just cost, but there are so many benefits to making the switch to smoke-free products such as nicotine pouches. Some of the main benefits to nicotine pouches are that:


  1. They are smoke-free. You can enjoy them anywhere, even inside (so you get to avoid having to go outside to enjoy your nicotine experience), and you are not sharing the negative impact of second-hand smoke with those around you - bonus!
  2. They are discreet. No one has to know you are using a nicotine pouch unless you want them to. The pouches sit between your upper lip and gum, making them basically unnoticeable to those around you, and they are spit free.
  3. They don’t stain or have an unpleasant odor. Unlike smoking or tobacco products, there is no staining or unpleasant tobacco odor from nicotine pouches. Nicotine pouches are all white, meaning they contain the nicotine without the tobacco (the element that is known to cause yellow staining).
  4. There are lots of options. Nicotine pouches come in a wide catalogue of flavors and nicotine strengths. You can pick from 0mg to 20mg nicotine strengths and choose from lots of popular flavors including wintergreen, berry and cinnamon flavors (as long as flavors are legal in your state)!
  5. They are convenient. Nicotine pouches, in general, are less expensive than tobacco products (especially if you buy your nicotine pouches online).