Chewing tobacco prices by state

Chewing Tobacco Prices by State

Chewing tobacco is one of the most commonly used oral nicotine products in the U.S. and has been around for hundreds of years. While you can buy chewing tobacco in most states, which state has the cheapest chewing tobacco?


How is the Price of Chewing Tobacco Decided?

The cost of the product before taxes is usually the same on sites like Northerner, but it is the taxes that decide the final price you pay. Therefore, the cheapest chewing tobacco prices are usually from states with a low state excise tax (SET); SET is also known as “tobacco tax”, it is added in addition to regular sales tax, but not all states apply it. 


How is SET calculated?

SET is calculated on tobacco products in one of the following ways:

  • Based on the selling price to customers
  • Based on the weight of the product
  • Based on a percentage of the wholesale price

The sales taxes and SET are decided by the state and are subject to change. When buying your chewing tobacco online, the taxes will be calculated automatically at checkout based on your delivery address.

Cost of Chewing Tobacco by State

For the purposes of this article, we have compared the price of Levi Garrett 3oz Loose Leaf Chewing Tobacco on Northerner as an example (accurate as of September 2022). This article gives a breakdown of the difference in chewing tobacco prices by state (this table only includes states where you can buy chewing tobacco online).


Chewing Tobacco Prices By State



Which state has the cheapest chewing tobacco?

Out of all the states where you can buy chewing tobacco online, the cheapest chewing tobacco prices on Northerner can be found in several states including Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, and Virginia: however, which state has the best chewing tobacco prices will vary as taxes change.