Black Buffalo

Black Buffalo is the only smokeless alternative to traditional tobacco products that gives the same experience as traditional smokeless tobacco products. Experience the taste, texture, and rich dark color of smokeless tobacco without the leaf, stem, or nicotine. Learn more about Black Buffalo on Northerner, and order your other tobacco leaf-free nicotine products with fast shipping!

Black Buffalo Mint ZERO Long Cut


Experience the taste, texture, and rich dark color of smokeless tobacco without the leaf, stem, or nicotine with Black Buffalo. The full Black Buffalo range features a selection of long cut products and pouches - they even have a range of nicotine free and tobacco free smokeless tobacco alternatives, all made in the USA.
Black Buffalo is a popular option with oral tobacco users 21+ who are looking for an alternative product that has the same experience but without the tobacco.

The selection of Black Buffalo products features:

  • Black Buffalo Nicotine Pouches
  • Black Buffalo Nicotine Long Cut
  • Black Buffalo Nicotine-Free Zero



Made for American smokeless tobacco users, Black Buffalo products come in a range of popular flavors including:

  • Blood Orange
  • Wintergreen
  • Mint
  • Peach
  • Straight

If you choose a Black Buffalo product with nicotine, it is important to note that the nicotine levels are universal across the Black Buffalo range, but the strength you experience can vary depending on the flavor you choose (as some flavors make the strength feel stronger).



The steps you will follow depend on the type of Black Buffalo product you choose to use.

If you choose Black Buffalo pouches, you should:

  1. Take a pouch out of the can.
  2. Park it between the lip and gum.
  3. Leave it parked for up to 30 minutes.
  4. Remove the pouch and dispose of it responsibly.

If you are using loose Black Buffalo products, you should:

  1. Take a pinch of Black Buffalo.
  2. Park it as you would dip tobacco.
  3. Remove the Black Buffalo and dispose of it.

Why Should I Choose Black Buffalo?

Maybe you’re trying to ditch tobacco altogether or maybe you’re just looking for a more convenient smokeless nicotine product that you can use anytime, anywhere. Either way, Black Buffalo’s got you covered. This long cut tobacco leaf-free alternative provides the same taste and texture, but without tobacco leaf. Curious about similar bransd? Read our guide and find other tobacco free dip alternatives


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  • Black Buffalo products are made for adult consumers 21+ only who already use other nicotine or tobacco products. 

  • The Black Buffalo recipe was developed after putting in over 20,000 hours of research and development.
  • Black Buffalo and other nicotine products offer a tobacco-leaf free alternative to traditional oral tobacco products.
  • Black Buffalo offers four different flavors and one flavorless option. These flavors include blood orange, wintergreen, mint, peach and straight.
  • Yes, Black Buffalo is based out of Chicago. However, their journey to creating the world’s finest tobacco alternative started in North Carolina and continued through Tennessee.
  • How much nicotine is in your Black Buffalo product depends on which of the options you choose - they also have nicotine free options that have no nicotine in them.

  • Black Buffalo was established on July 14, 2015 and they manufacture Black Buffalo products.