Black Buffalo

Black Buffalo is an innovative smokeless tobacco brand that delivers the same nicotine experience as traditional smokeless products, but without the tobacco leaf or stem. From their impressive taste, to quality texture, to their rich dark color, you are guaranteed to be impressed from start to finish. Currently, the brand offers nicotine-free ZERO long cut and pouches (which contain zero tobacco and zero nicotine), as well as tobacco-free long cut and nicotine pouches. Join the herd today and explore for yourself.

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What Is Black Buffalo?

If you’re over 21 and just so happen to be a chewing tobacco or dip user, you should consider making the transition to Black Buffalo. Its long cut offers all of the things you love about chewing tobacco, like the nicotine kick and the texture, but without the tobacco. And if you’re looking for a product that’s more convenient, you can choose between their tobacco-free nicotine pouches or their tobacco- and nicotine-free pouches.

What Is Black Buffalo Made Of?

According to the brand, that information is a trade secret. However, what they are willing to share is that after putting in over 20,000 hours of research and development, they were able to make a specific variety of edible green leaves, along with food-safe ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine to function just like tobacco.

What Do Black Buffalo Products Taste Like?

Black Buffalo was able to put together a team that puts their leaves through the same exact production process as Big Tobacco brands use. It takes months to make each tin of Black Buffalo, so the result is just as satisfying as any other tobacco product you may have tried in the market.


Just to be sure that their tobacco alternatives delivered the same great taste, their team spent months working with a competitive flavor house that specializes in smokeless tobacco in order to perfect their recipe. Black Buffalo offers all of the best parts about smokeless tobacco, just without the actual tobacco. It’s a win-win!

Why Should I Choose Black Buffalo?

Maybe you’re trying to ditch tobacco altogether or maybe you’re just looking for a more convenient smokeless nicotine product that you can use anytime, anywhere. Either way, Black Buffalo’s got you covered. This long cut tobacco-free alternative provides the same nicotine sensation without ever having to give up the taste or texture.

What Flavors Does Black Buffalo Have?

Between its pouches and long cut, Black Buffalo offers four different flavors and one flavorless option. These flavors include blood orange, wintergreen, mint, peach and straight. Discover which one is your favorite by shopping on today!

What Are Black Buffalo’s ZERO Products?

Black Buffalo’s ZERO nicotine pouch and long cut are smokeless products that contain zero nicotine and zero tobacco. We know, it’s kind of hard to believe, but reviews say they taste just as quality as any other nicotine products on the market. There’s only one way to find out.

Where Is Black Buffalo Based?

Black Buffalo is based out of Chicago, but they say their journey to creating the world’s finest tobacco alternative started in North Carolina and continued through Tennessee.

Where Can I Purchase Black Buffalo Dip and Chew?

You can join the herd by shopping Black Buffalo products on

How Much Nicotine Is in Black Buffalo?

Black Buffalo’s alternative dip products contain the same amount of nicotine content as traditional smokeless nicotine brands.