Copenhagen FAQ Page


How to Dip Copenhagen?

Wondering how to use Copenhagen dip? Let’s start by discussing what it is exactly. Copenhagen dip or chew, is a moist, finely ground blend of tobacco, menthol and spices. Before even opening the can or tin, it’s common for users to “pack” it. To do this, you must place your thumb and middle finger on the sides of the can, then quickly turn it while flicking the wrist as your index finger taps the top of the can. 


To consume, take a pinch of tobacco out, place it between your inner cheek and the lower part of your jaw, then suck or chew on the product. Doing so allows the nicotine to flow into the bloodstream through the gums, without the need of ever having to swallow the tobacco juices. Make sure to have either a “spittoon” or some sort of receptacle to spit your dip into. While some only need a quick kick of nicotine for about 10-30 minutes, others prefer to enjoy dip for hours at a time. How long you decide to keep it in your mouth is completely up to you. 



How to Use Copenhagen Pouches?

Unlike snuff and dip, Copenhagen pouches are less messy because the tobacco will not fall out of the user's fingers and mouth. Plus, they’re spit-free. Each pouches holds fine cut or snuff tobacco in a small, teabag-like pouch.

To enjoy, simply place the pouch between your gums and upper lip. The more you move the pouch around in your mouth, the more intense your nicotine experience will be. 



How to Use Copenhagen Snuff

Copenhagen Snuff is the signature product that started it all. Considered by some to be the world’s best, Copenhagen snuff has been around since the 18th century. While it is a tobacco product, it's not the same as the kind of chewing tobacco you might be familiar with. Copenhagen snuff is made from finely ground tobacco leaves and is often flavored with other ingredients like cinnamon, anise or honey. 

To enjoy it, people typically put a pinch of the tobacco in their lip and chew it for about 20 minutes before swallowing. 



How Much Nicotine Is In Copenhagen Snuff?

With 4.98-7 mg of nicotine per gram of dip, Copenhagen Snuff packs quite a punch!



How Much Nicotine Is in Copenhagen Long Cut?

Crafted to pack or pinch, Copenhagen Long Cut contains 88 mg of nicotine per can. 



How Much Is a Can of Copenhagen?

While the price of each Copenhagen product may vary, Northerner.com sells a wide variety of Copenhagen products starting at an everyday low price of $3.42 a can. Not only do we offer the best assortment and freshest Copenhagen products around, but we also provide free shipping in the United States.



What Are the Flavors of Copenhagen Long Cut?

If you like Copenhagen Long Cuts, then you’re in luck because there are quite a few flavors you can choose from. Enjoy natural, smooth wintergreen, wintergreen, southern blend, straight and mint. 



Copenhagen Long Cut vs Fine Cut

In general, long cuts are the most widely available when it comes to cut sizes. While long cuts are exactly as the name sounds, longer in nature, fine cuts on the other hand are finely grounded and sometimes as small as a grain of sand. Long cuts are known to be easier to pack, which ultimately helps with staying in your mouth without coming apart. For that very reason, it’s more common to see experts using fine cut over long cut, while long cuts are more user-friendly for those just starting out.



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