Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches have grown in popularity as they offer a tobacco-leaf free alternative to traditional oral tobacco products. We offer a range of top brands, including ZYN and VELO, and a selection of both tobacco leaf free and synthetic nicotine pouches (also known as tobacco free nicotine pouches). Choose from a range of quality flavors and nicotine strengths ranging from 2mg to an extra strong 15mg per pouch. Order your tobacco leaf-free pouches on Northerner and get fast shipping across the U.S.!

Sesh+ Mint 4mg Nicotine Pouches
  • $4.49
  • $22.45
  • $42.70
  • $96.00
  • $192.00
On! 4MG Mixpack
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  • $9.29
Juice Head Pouches 12MG Mixpack
Juice Head Pouches 6MG Mixpack
FRE 12MG Mixpack
FRE 9MG Mixpack
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  • $9.95
Zone New 6mg Mixpack
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  • $16.59
Velo Mixed Pack 4MG
Sesh+ 4mg Mixpack
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  • $11.99
Sesh+ 6mg Mixpack
ZYN 6mg Citrus White Mini Portion
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  • $4.44
  • $22.20
  • $44.40
Lucy Breakers Espresso 4MG
  • $4.99
  • $24.95
  • $47.90
  • $114.75
  • $224.50
NIC-S Wintergreen 9MG
NIC-S Orange 3MG
No reviews yet
Rogue 6MG Mixed Pack
ZYN Unflavored Mixpack 3MG 
Rogue Frost 6MG Nicotine Pouches
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NIC-S Cinnamon 9MG
No reviews yet
NIC-S Orange 9MG
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Lucy Breakers Mint 4MG
ZYN 3 Chill White Mini Portion
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NIC-S Berry 9MG
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NIC-S Flavor Free 9MG
NIC-S Mint 3MG
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