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Not only can you find tobacco-free products at Northerner, you can also find great products that's completly free of nicotine. Choose tobacco & nicotine-free dup, chew, snus and pouches from well known brands such as Smokey Mountain, KickUp and Black Buffalo Zero. Find your favorite today!

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What is Nicotine Free Chew Tobacco and Nicotine Free Dip?

Chews and dip are very popular choices when it comes to smokeless tobacco options. But, what if you are wanting the flavor but not the tobacco or nicotine? This is where the nicotine free chew and dip options come in. Not only do they not have tobacco, but they don't have any nicotine either. Instead of tobacco, these products are made from corn silk, kudzu root, and filled with a blend of flavorings giving a rich, smooth taste. So, where to buy nicotine free dip? You can shop online for it right here.


  • Plant-based materials used to replace tobacco
  • A range of flavors are available

Nicotine free snus brands

If you're looking to make the transition to tobacco and nicotine-free dip, then we've got a lot of options for you in our store. Packaged in a convenient pouch format, these are the perfect way to get a flavorsome hit. We have some of the best nicotine free dip and non nicotine pouches right here. Take a look at products from brands such as Smokey Mountain and Black Buffalo where you can find various different fruity flavors to enjoy when you pinch and place these pouches into your mouth. We've also got a range of nicotine-free snus portions in an even wider variety of flavors.

How can I use nicotine free dip?

Excitingly, you use a non nicotine chew in the same way as tobacco chews. All you have to do is slip them under your lip and let the flavor flow! Similarly, just tuck the nicotine free dip pouches under the lip where the flavor slowly permeates out. Just like tobacco and nicotine dips and chews, you may find that you have a saliva build-up resulting in the need to spit on occasion. You won't even realize that these products don't contain nicotine as they have the same texture, burn, and strong flavor! Take a look at what we offer right here!

What flavors are there for nicotine free dip?

Tobacco and nicotine free dip come in a range of different flavors. While there aren't quite as many options as there are for their tobacco and nicotine counterparts, there are still plenty of options. Some of the more popular flavors for non nicotine chew pouches include fruit flavors such as peach and orange. Alternatively, you can go for mint or wintergreen. If you want a more traditional flavor, then pick up a straight nicotine-free dip product. Whatever you choose, you can enjoy crisp flavors and the fact that the leaves are edible. Buy online with us today and enjoy speedy home delivery!