Rogue Nicotine Pouches

Rogue Nicotine Pouches is an all-American brand that offers 100% tobacco leaf-free nicotine pouches in 11 different flavors. Order from the full Rogue nicotine pouches range on Northerner for fast shipping!

Rogue 6MG Mixed Pack
Rogue 6MG Cinnamon Slim Dry Strong Nicotine Pouches
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  • $39.10
  • $95.75
  • $187.50
Rogue Cinnamon 3MG Nicotine Pouches
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  • $3.99
  • $19.95
  • $39.10
  • $95.75
  • $187.50
Rogue Honey Lemon 3mg, All White Nicotine Pouches
  • $3.99
  • $19.95
  • $39.10
  • $95.75
  • $187.50

About Rogue

Rogue is a fully American brand that offers convenient alternatives to traditional oral tobacco products.


So, what are Rogue pouches? All Rogue nicotine pouches as well as their range of alternative nicotine products are spit free, sugar-free and don’t stain your teeth (as there is no tobacco-leaf, which is what usually stains the teeth of tobacco users)!


Rogue pouches are popular in the American market due to the fact that they are discreet and you can use them wherever you are: at home or on the move. Rogue nicotine pouches are made with the Rogue mission at the center, which is to create the best nicotine products. They keep up with the growing requests and are always developing their range to suit Rogue nicotine product users.


The full Rogue nicotine product range has 4 different types of nicotine product:

You can explore the full Rogue range on Northerner!

rogue nicotine pouches online - all flavors of rogue nicotine

Rogue Nicotine Pouch Flavors: The full list

The list of Rogue pouch flavors has been developed especially for American nicotine users. There are currently 10 different flavors of Rogue pouches to choose from:


Rogue Pouch Flavor Rogue Nicotine Strength
Rogue Wintergreen 3mg & 6mg
Rogue Peppermint 3mg & 6mg
Rogue Tabac 3mg & 6mg
Rogue Apple 3mg & 6mg
Rogue Berry 3mg & 6mg
Rogue Spearmint 3mg & 6mg
Rogue Cinnamon 3mg & 6mg
Rogue Mango 3mg & 6mg
Rogue Honey Lemon 3mg & 6mg
Rogue Original 3mg & 6mg
Rogue Frost (Limited Time Offer) 6mg


The variety of flavors available from the nicotine brand Rogue offers a great selection to meet everyone's taste preferences. These range from fruit options like a sweet tropical mango flavor and green apple to minty choices such as cool peppermint and sweet wintergreen. For those seeking a pouch without any flavorings, an unflavored option is also available. Not sure which flavor to try? Then our Rogue Mixpacks can be an option, where different flavored Rogue cans are selected into one mixpack.


Top 3 Popular Flavors of Rogue Pouches on Northerner

On Northerner, you can find the full range of Rogue nicotine pouches: you can order any flavor you like. Not sure which Rogue pouch to try? The current top 3 flavors of Rogue nicotine pouches you can buy on Northerner are:


  1. Rogue Wintergreen 6mg
  2. Rogue Mango 6mg
  3. Rogue Apple 6mg


Rogue Nicotine Strengths

All of the Rogue pouches are available in two strengths of nicotine:


  • 3mg - These count as pouches with less intense nicotine content. They contain a total of 3mg nicotine per pouch.
  • 6mg - These count as pouches with regular nicotine strength. They contain a total of 6mg nicotine per pouch.

When comparing 3mg vs 6mg of these nicotine levels, the Rogue pouches containing 6mg of nicotine are the most popular on Northerner.


While the nicotine strengths you find across different nicotine pouches are universal, the actual strength you feel from the pouch can vary. The strength you feel can be impacted by the flavor pouch you pick and the dryness of the pouch.


How Do I Use Rogue Nicotine Pouches?

You should use your Rogue nicotine pouch the same way you use other nicotine pouches. To get started, follow these steps:


  1. Open the pouch can by breaking the seal and lift the lid to open.
  2. Place the pouch your mouth, under your upper lip. 
  3. Park it there and enjoy for up to 60 minutes.
  4. When you feel like taking out the pouch, remove it and make sure to dispose of the used pouch responsibly (in the trash).


Why Choose Rogue Pouches?

Rogue nicotine pouches are a popular choice on Northerner. Apart from the fact that there is no tobacco-leaf in their pouches, their range is developed specifically for American consumers and designed to create forward-thinking alternatives to traditional products.


Other than that, their flavor range caters to all pouch users - from people who prefer more classic flavors (like wintergreen or tabac)  to people who prefer fruit flavors (like mango or apple) and even unflavored pouch options. Plus their strength range offers the most popular strengths of nicotine! 


Rogue Prices and Value Packs

You can find competitive prices on the full Rogue range, including Rogue pouches. We offer value packs on Northerner, so you don’t just have to buy individual cans or tins, you can buy multipacks of 5, 10, 25 or 50 cans or tins with top prices on Rogue pouches online. We also have Rogue 5 pack mix-packs, containing 5 cans with different flavors to try.


Buying Rogue Pouches Online on Northerner

Why go to the store or frantically search the internet for “buy Rogue near me” when you can have your favorite Rogue pouches delivered without leaving the house? Find the best deals on your favorite Rogue products and get them delivered with fast shipping options, so you can get your Rogue nicotine pouches to your door in no time. 


At Northerner, you have the option to buy nicotine products with shipping options including UPS and FedEx. When buying your Rogue product online with us, you can pay using secure payment options. We employ age verification to ensure that all users are 21 years of age or older.


The History of Rogue

Rogue nicotine pouches are a product of Rogue Holdings, LLC, which is a collaborative venture between Swisher International, Inc. and PLD Acquisitions LLC, operating under the name Avema Pharma Solutions. The manufacturing and supply of Rogue's diverse products, such as gum, lozenges, and tablets, are handled by Avema Pharma Solutions. Meanwhile, Swisher International takes charge of distribution aspects of these products.


Rogue nicotine pouches are made especially for the American nicotine pouch user and their entire Rogue pouch range are spit free, sugar-free and don’t stain your teeth! Rogue nicotine pouches are well-known in the US for their quality and variety. For years, Rogue has been providing a range of tobacco-free nicotine pouches, gaining popularity for their commitment to quality and diverse options.


You can choose from 11 popular Rogue flavors, each available in 2 different nicotine strengths: 3mg and 6mg per pouch (the two most popular nicotine strength options among US nicotine pouch users). All Rogue pouch cans contain twenty pouches - which is around 33% more pouches per can than other brands. 


The Ingredients of Rogue Nicotine Pouches

All Rogue pouches contain nicotine polacrilex, which is the active component. This is combined with a variety of flavorings and non-tobacco leaf substances, along with other inactive ingredients that enhance the product's flavor and texture. Notably, Rogue pouches do not contain sugar; they are sweetened with Acesulfame K, contributing to their distinctive taste while maintaining a tobacco-free composition.


More About Rogue Nicotine Pouches

  • The full range of Rogue products, including Rogue pouches, are made for adult consumers 21+ only who already use nicotine pouches or tobacco products. 

  • Yes, you can get Rogue nicotine pouches delivered when you order from online sites like Northerner. Our orders are shipped by UPS and FedEx and you can get your delivery within a few days with express shipping options.

    You can check if we ship your favorite Rogue pouches to your state on our dedicated shipping page.

  • Rogue pouch prices start from $3.28 on Northerner (before excise tax and sales tax). You get the best price per can when ordering the 50 cans pack.

  • All cans of Rogue nicotine pouches contain twenty pouches.

  • All nicotine pouches, including Rogue pouches, have a "best before" date. On Rogue pouch cans, this is typically printed on the bottom of every can. 

    For the best possible experience, you should make sure to use your nicotine pouches any time prior to the "best before" date. While there is no major risk or harm in using your Rogue nicotine pouches after the "best before" date, it is possible that the flavor and nicotine experience might be reduced if you use them after this date.

  • There are 11 flavors of Rogue Nicotine Pouches:

    • Rogue Wintergreen
    • Rogue Peppermint
    • Rogue Tabac
    • Rogue Apple
    • Rogue Berry
    • Rogue Spearmint
    • Rogue Original
    • Rogue Cinnamon
    • Rogue Mango
    • Rogue Honey Lemon
    • Rogue Frost (Limited Time Offer)
  • All Rogue nicotine products contain the active ingredient nicotine polacrilex and other inactive ingredients that add to the flavor and texture.  Rogue has no sugar and is sweetened by Acesulfame K. 

  • Yes, you can swallow the spit you produce when using Rogue nicotine pouches.
  • How long a Rogue pouch will last will vary from person to person, but each pouch can last up to one hour. 

  • Rogue nicotine pouches is owned by Rogue Holdings, LLC: a joint venture between Swisher International, Inc. and PLD Acquisitions LLC, d/b/a Avema Pharma Solutions.

    Avema Pharma Solutions manufacture and supply Rogue products (including the range of Rogue gums, lozenges and tablets), and Swisher International are responsible for marketing and distributing them.