Can you swallow ZYN nicotine pouch spit?Can you swallow ZYN nicotine pouch spit?

Can You Swallow ZYN Nicotine Pouch Spit?

If you’re new to nicotine pouches, specifically ZYN, you probably have quite a few questions. While we can’t cover everything in just one article, we can start with the pretty important stuff, like do you spit ZYN, can you swallow spit when using ZYN pouches, and what to do if you swallow your spit while using ZYN pouches. But before we answer those questions, let’s review what ZYN is.


What Are ZYN Nicotine Pouches?

ZYN nicotine pouches are a newer (in comparison to other smokeless tobacco products) more modern product that offers you a smoke-,spit-,  tobacco-, and odor-free way to enjoy your nicotine on the go. The pouches come in a variety of flavors and strengths and can be used almost anywhere you go. The best part is, they don’t require any refills or batteries, which means you can take them with you without ever having to worry about charging anything.

Can You Swallow ZYN Nicotine Pouch Spit?

This answer is somewhat complicated. ZYN nicotine pouches are made from nicotine and other food-grade ingredients, and according to the website’s FAQs, this means that it isn’t “harmful to adults if consumed in small quantities.” Small quantities, however, is subjective, and can mean different things for different consumers, given weight, height and overall body differences. So while the short answer is yes, you can swallow ZYN nicotine pouches spit, we still suggest that you don’t. 

What Happens If You Swallow Spit from ZYN?

Swallowing your ZYN spit most likely wouldn’t be enjoyable, as most modern oral nicotine products contain nicotine salts that are flavored and packaged inside a cellulose pouch. That means swallowing spit from ZYN could cause the user to have stomach aches or issues, irritate the tissues of the throat, and it can increase the need to use the bathroom due to the increased affect on the sympathetic nervous system.

Also, nicotine salts have the potential to be poisonous, especially when consuming too many, so it’s important to be mindful. Most importantly, always make sure to keep ZYN nicotine pouches out of the reach of children, as these products could cause nicotine poisoning in children, if swallowed, simply due to their small bodies.

If you do happen to swallow your saliva and you are feeling ill, please make sure to reach out to a professional healthcare provider immediately.