how to use snus



Snus offers a convenient and smoke-free way to enjoy nicotine. In the U.S. you can find tobacco-free snus and tobacco snus online. If you're new to snus, it's important to learn how to use it correctly. Check out our guide on how to use snus like a pro, including how to open snus, how to use snus pouches as well as loose snus. Our Northerner snus expert answers your questions on snus usage. 


How to Use Snus: Step by Step




Different snus brands may have varying methods of opening the can. Typically, you break the seal around the middle and lift the lid.





This is where there is the key difference between using loose snus and snus pouches. Step 2 is potentially the messiest step of the using snus process (mainly if you choose loose snus). 


  • How to use a snus pouch: take a pouch from the can and position it between your gum and lip.


  • How to use loose snus: To get the right portion of loose snus, put your thumb and index finger in the full can of snus and take a small quantity of the snus between the two and form a wedge. You can then lift it out of the tin and place the wedge under the upper lip, between the lip and the gum.




Upon parking the snus, you'll feel a slight tingly sensation as the nicotine is released. People often wonder how long to keep the pouch in. Generally, it's recommended to leave it in for about 30 minutes maximum, but how long you leave it in place is up to you and your preferences. 




Once you're done, remove the snus pouch or loose snus and dispose of it responsibly. You can either place the used snus directly in the bin or use the compartment in your snus can for disposal.





How to Open Snus Cans


Opening snus cans can sometimes be tricky, as each brand has its own design of can. Here is the most common way to open snus:


1. Hold the snus can firmly in your hand.

2. Locate the lid or top of the can.

3. Apply gentle pressure or twist the lid counterclockwise to loosen it, or run your nail around the seal if there is one.

4. Once the lid is loosened, lift it off to reveal the snus inside. Sometimes you may need to use your nail to help gently lift the lid if it is sticky. 


The exact method may vary slightly depending on the brand and design of the snus can. You can always refer to the instructions or packaging provided by the specific snus brand for detailed guidance on opening their cans.


Pro Tips for Snus Usage


To enhance your snus experience, and for the best way to use snus, here are some expert tips:


  • Use snus orally and avoid using pouches in other ways.
  • Keep the pouch in for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes.
  • Refrain from chewing the snus (especially if it is in a pouch, to avoid tearing it).
  • Try moving the pouch slightly to release more flavor.
  • Start with a lower nicotine strength and gradually increase it for a more enjoyable experience.


Buying Snus Online


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