ZYN Supply Shortage in the US

Is There a ZYN Supply Shortage in the US?

These popular nicotine pouches from Swedish Match have been flying off the shelves… So much so, that ZYN stock levels have been stretched across the country and some flavors have been difficult to track down in certain states, leading many to wonder if there’s a ZYN shortage. 


While we've had to temporarily limit ZYN-only orders to 15 cans every 30 days and briefly sold cans at the non-promotional price of $4.99, we’re pleased to say that ZYN is now back to $4.44.

As production increases on the manufacturer's side, we'll be able to accommodate larger orders of 50 cans soon but, until then, signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page is the best way to stay in-the-know of all things ZYN and Northerner!

Keep in mind the heightened demand for ZYN right now could mean your go-to flavors are on backorder. If this is the case (or you've already reached your 15 can max. for the month), you may want to consider ordering other nicotine pouches that are more readily available.

Alternatives to ZYN pouchesAlternatives to ZYN pouches

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There’s been unprecedented demand for ZYN in recent months and the manufacturer, Swedish Match, is currently scaling their production to keep up. This is affecting both on- and offline retailers with many ZYN flavors on backorder and some purchase limits in place until the situation has stabilized. Here on Northerner, you’re still able to order up to 15 cans of ZYN for home delivery.

  • Recently we had to sell ZYN at the full price of $4.99 due to costs increasing on the supplier-side back in March and changes to some planned Swedish Match promotions. The good news is this is now back down to $4.44 per can.

  • We never want you to be without your preferred product(s), so we’re doing everything in our power to work with Swedish Match and other manufacturers to ensure a steady supply of their nicotine pouches. In the meantime, the ZYN order limit is 15 cans (per person/per month) to make sure as many people as possible can get their hands on ZYN.

  • Right now, you can order 15 cans of ZYN through your Northerner account every 30 days. Unfortunately, we’ve had to temporarily put orders of 50 cans on hold to distribute the stock we have in a fair way and prevent any hoarding or unauthorized reselling of the product. We’ll let you know when ZYN stock levels are back to normal and we can relax these order limits, but in the meantime, recommend checking out our range of other nicotine pouches if 15 cans is not going to be enough.

  • There is no ZYN ban – in other words, no legislation that prohibits the legal-sale of ZYN to legal-aged adults (21+) in the US. Some people have started to speculate that this ZYN shortage is connected to Senator Chuck Schumer's recent call for a federal investigation into nicotine pouches, but this is not the case. His remarks and the national headlines that followed did, however, contribute to awareness of the brand and a new all-time high in ZYN sales.

  • No other brands are affected at the moment, so it’s a good opportunity to try something new if your favorite ZYN is out of stock. We’ve come up with some suggestions for good ZYN alternatives that match in terms of flavor and only have minor differences when it comes to pouch size and feel. Check out the full list and see what you think! Of course, we’ll also be keeping a close eye on the market to pre-empt any stock issues as demand shifts to other brands too.

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