Types of Snus - Sizes & Nicotine Strenghts


There are a variety of different snus typesfrom traditional loose snus with intense and powerful character that you bake yourself, to modern and bright All White portions with no tobacco.


Nasal snuff: Dry snus

Nasal snuff, or dry snus, is ground or powdered tobacco that is used by sniffing it up one nostril. Nasal snuff still exists today and is usually flavored with menthol, fruit or spices.


Loose: Traditional snus

Loose snus is the same today as it was 200 years ago and is still the core of Swedish snus production. This type of snus is made from ground tobacco and comes in three different varieties: thick, medium and fine grained. The latter is easier to bake but does not have as strong of a tobacco flavor, while thick snus has a stronger tobacco character.


Simply bake the snus to preferred size, shape yourself and get a quick and powerful taste experience. There is also single cut snus, where the tobacco leaves have been cut instead of ground, which delivers a different taste and sensation.


Pre-baked snus is another type of loose snus. This snus is sold in cylindrical portions but can be reshaped and split as you wish.


Original: Wet snus in a pouch

This is the most common type of portion snus and the first one to hit the market in the 1970s. The tobacco is packed in portions and moistened after packing. The original is moist on the surface, dark in color and gives a quick nicotine experience.


White: Dry pouch with moist content

White portion was launched in 1998 as an alternative to classic portion snus. Unlike classic portion snus, white portion is not moistened in production and is therefore drier on the surface and moist inside. This provides a slower but smoother flavor and nicotine experience.


Dry White: Less runny

This type of snus is also packed in portions but with one significant difference—no water has been added, which makes it drier. Dry White is less runny than typical portion snus.


Nicotine Pouches: Dry and white pouches

A modernity with many names. Nicotine Pouches is the latest trend in the snusosphere and has a much whiter appearance than White Portion. These pouches are completely dry, and therefore it takes a few seconds for the nicotine and the flavor to hit the taste buds.



Sizes and Varieties

Portion snus comes in several different sizes. Here are the most common ones:



Original, also called large or standard, is the most popular size on the market. The first portion snus was launched in Sweden in 1977 under the brand name, Tre Ankare. Today, most snus brands have this size in their range. Each pouch contains 0.02–0.04 ounces (0.5–1.2 grams) of snus. The pouch is big enough to fill the entire space under your upper lip and provides effective flavor and a stronger nicotine kick.



This size gained popularity in the 2000s. The pouches have a narrower and often longer shape than the original size, which makes the snus more discreet under your lip. Slim also contains less snus than the original size, but usually not more than 0.03 ounces (1 gram) per pouch.


Super slim

Super slimas the name impliesis even more slim than the slim size. This makes the snus barely visible under your lip. Being smaller, it also weighs lessabout half as much as a normal portion. So far, this size is only available in the General G3 range, but we are likely to see other manufacturers embrace this size in the near future.



Mini is by far the smallest portion snus. It has the same design as the original size but weighs about 30% less than the original. This makes it simple and discreeta good option if you don’t want to feel or show the snus as much. The mini snus usually comes in small cans.


Perforated portions

Perforated portion snus is a type of portion snus from the brand Lundgrens. The pouches come in their original shape and size but the pouch itself has tiny holes, which provide a faster and clearer taste experiencesimilar to loose snus but without the baking.


Black portions

General Onyx is one of the more exclusive snus types on the market. The snus comes in black portions but besides the color, the snus has the same characteristics as white snus.


Pre-baked portions

Lundgrens Pre-baked was launched by Fiedler & Lundgren in the 21st century. It was a combination of portion snus and loose snus where the cans contained pre-shaped loose snus. However, this type of snus is no longer produced.