FRE Nicotine Pouches

Introducing FRĒ, a 100% synthetic, tobacco-free nicotine pouch for those on the cutting edge. FRĒ is high impact. High Impact means fast acting and long lasting nicotine. Available in 9mg/pouch & 12mg/pouch nicotine strengths and 20 pouches per can in both Mint and Mocha flavors. Also try FRĒ Value Packs where you can save more with a bulk purchase. FRĒ yourself from compromise. More power in every pouch.

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Fre pouches

Fre nicotine pouches are white bags, perfect for those who want the nicotine hit without the tobacco taste. This means you can enjoy icy coolness with Fre mint nicotine pouches, or stick with more traditional flavors if that's what you prefer. There are different strengths for you to choose from too, ranging from a mellow 3 mg through to the extra strong 15 mg for experienced users.


  • Tobacco-free pouches
  • White pouches
  • Range of strengths
  • Variety of flavors

What Fre nicotine pouches flavors are there?

Not only is there a range of Fre nicotine strengths, but there is a range of flavors too. Some different flavors on offer from this brand include Mint, Mocha, Sweet, Lush, Fruit Chill, and Wintergreen. Each of these provides something slightly different in the way of their flavor profile, so it's up to you which you prefer. Hit up the Mint for a refreshing icy blast, or go for the Fruit Lush for a softer, tropical vibe.

How do I use Fre pouches?

So, what are Fre pouches? Well, they are tobacco-free nicotine pouches that are jam-packed with flavor. Available in five different strengths, these are a great way to get your nicotine hit in a discrete manner. All you need to do is slide the white pouch under your top lip and hold it there. The nicotine is taken in through the thin skin on your lip and gum so that you get the full flavor effect without anyone seeing it.

Where can I find Fre tobacco-free pouches?

Helpfully, we have a range of different tobacco-free Fre products. On our site, you can search from a large assortment including Fré nicotine pouches to get the best prices and fast shipping services. Once you place your order with us, you can then get home delivery. Better still, the quick delivery service ensures that you can get your Fré products in a timely fashion. They're also going to be fresh for the ultimate experience when you get started with your pouches.