Tobacco Free Dip and Chew

Have you been on the hunt for the best tobacco-free dip and/or snuff? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking to transition from your current tobacco product(s) or you’re just in the market for something new, we have several smokeless, tobacco-free products that are guaranteed to impress.


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What Is the Best Tobacco-Free Dip?

From its pouches to long cut dips, Black Buffalo is one of Northerner’s best-selling tobacco-free dip products. This is likely because the products offer the same experience as traditional smokeless tobacco—but without the tobacco leaf or stem. That means the texture, taste, rich dark color red, and even the nicotine is designed to deliver everything you love about your favorite tobacco products, and nothing you don’t.


While Black Buffalo only comes in long cut dip and pouches, the lineup is full of flavor. In fact, you can choose from wintergreen, peach, blood orange, mint, tropical, and straight. If you prefer dip pouches and long cut with zero nicotine and zero tobacco, you should also explore the brand’s ZERO line.

What Is Tobacco-Free Chew?

Tobacco-free chew is a nicotine product that allows you to enjoy your nicotine experience smoke-free. Structurally, it is constructed in the same manner as traditional chew and dip, but removes the process of using tobacco leaves. While non-tobacco dip is much newer and more unique than traditional dip, chew and snuff, these products still deliver the same pack, spit and buzz you desire. Most importantly, the products empower you to better control your personal dip, pouch, or chew journey.

What Other Tobacco-Free Products Exist?

Fully Loaded and Whitetail are additional brands that deliver tobacco-free dips and pouches both with and without nicotine. Today, more and more companies are discovering innovative ways for you to enjoy your tobacco and nicotine, and it will only continue to grow as interest continues to peak. Shop Black Buffalo today and see for yourself why everyone is loving these powerful, industry-changing products.