snus vs zyn

Snus vs. ZYN

Snus and ZYN nicotine pouches may have a lot of qualities and characteristics in common, but the deeper you dive, the more obvious it is how different these two products are. To start, snus—which you’ll find is more popular in Europe—is made with tobacco, while ZYN is a tobacco-free nicotine product. Below, we’ll take a better look at the battle of snus vs. ZYN to understand exactly what sets these two very popular products apart.



What Are the Major Differences Between Snus vs. Zyn?

1. Portion Material and Content


When comparing these two products side by side, you’ll notice pretty instantly that snus’ contents are much different than ZYN’s. As we addressed above, the first major difference is that snus has tobacco, while nicotine pouches don’t. This means that most snus will appear darker in color than nicotine pouches. You’ll also notice that brands like General snus are much more moist than ZYN, which means it will ultimately produce more drip. ZYN, on the other hand, comes in a slim, all-white format and produces little to no drip. For this reason, ZYN is far more convenient and discreet than snus.




2. Nicotine

Because of the higher moisture content found in brands like General snus, nicotine is released a lot faster than ZYN and other nicotine pouches, but it will also taper after a fairly short period of time. ZYN releases nicotine for a longer duration due to its drier pouch material. For this reason, it could feel like snus is much stronger than nicotine pouches, when the reality is, snus just delivers a strong experience up front, while ZYN offers a steadier delivery and and peaks later in the experience.

3. Flavor

For many, this may just be the most important topic of discussion. After all, enjoying your nicotine experience has a lot to do with the taste. Because snus contains tobacco, you’re going to taste spicy, smoky, rich flavors with a little bergamot. ZYN and other nicotine pouches are tobacco-free, so you’re able to enjoy all of the unique and classic flavors that they create, like cool mint, citrus, and menthol.


Snus brands are generally always going to be richer and more full-bodied in flavor than nicotine pouches just due to the tobacco. Nicotine pouches are going to deliver a lighter experience because of the lack of tobacco, as well as all of the artificial flavoring required to make the perfect taste experience.


4. Ingredients


As you know, the major difference in ingredients between snus and ZYN is tobacco. However, there are a few notable ingredient differences to call out. Snus is comprised of tobacco, salt, water, flavor, and aroma enhancer—all of which come from either natural origins or synthesized from a natural product. ZYN products contain ingredients derived from tobacco plants, as well as artificial flavoring and sweeteners. This means that nicotine pouches are generally going to taste more artificial than snus. If you want to go in depth about ZYN pouches, read our full guide on what ZYN is


When it comes to both Snus and ZYN, you’re always going to get quality, so it really comes down to what you prefer. If you find yourself craving tobacco, snus is the product for you. If you’re looking for a nicotine kick while you’re in meetings at work, or in transit somewhere, then ZYN nicotine pouches are the better option. You can shop ZYN pouches and snus right here on our website!