What is ZYN?

Whether you are wanting to become a ZYN expert or this is your first time coming across these pouches, we have all the information you need. Learn everything about ZYN including a review of flavors and ZYN tips, as well as the best place to buy ZYN pouches!

What is ZYN Pouches?

What is ZYN? Other than being the top nicotine pouch brand in the US (with over 50% of pouches bought being ZYN), they are known for their range of carefully chosen flavors. Read on for our guide to ZYN, from how to use ZYN to how ZYN works and a review of our favorite ZYN flavors. 


ZYN Overview

  • 10 flavors
  • 20 pouches per can
  • 2 strength options
  • Owned by Swedish Match


ZYN Flavors

In the US, you can find all ZYN flavors:

  • ZYN Wintergreen
  • ZYN Spearmint
  • ZYN Cool Mint
  • ZYN Menthol
  • ZYN Peppermint
  • ZYN Chill
  • ZYN Smooth
  • ZYN Citrus
  • ZYN Coffee
  • ZYN Cinnamon

ZYN Flavor Review: Top 5 Flavors

Our team ranked and reviewed our top 5 flavors of ZYN you can find on Northerner. 


1. ZYN Wintergreen

A classic flavor and a familiar favorite. These pouches hit you with the wintergreen aroma straight off the bat. It is quite a gentle flavor, with a subtle sweetness that balances perfectly with the nicotine. The flavor isn’t overpowering and is definitely milder compared to other wintergreen nicotine pouches. Each pouch gives around 40 minutes of impact. One thing you should note is that these pouches are more dry, so it might take some time for them to soften up and feel comfortable parked. 

ZYN Wintergreen come in 2 strengths - 3mg and 6mg. The 6mg is a good for regular users for a satisfying nicotine kick, as the 3mg is definitely less intense. 

2. ZYN Citrus

ZYN Citrus add a zing to your nicotine experience. They have a light lemon lime aroma. These pouches are some of the softer ZYNs, made in a slim design for comfort. Each pouch gives you a tangy lemon flavor with a tart lime base note. It gives impact for around 40 minutes and makes for a change from mint-flavored ZYN pouches.

3. ZYN Cinnamon

Looking for a kick with your pouch? Spice it up with ZYN Cinnamon. Opening the can, you are greeted by the warm, familiar cinnamon smell. The flavor gives you that deep, warm spice - an almost comforting flavor that is not overpowering. Each of these unique pouches gives you 45 minutes of flavor and comes in either 3mg or 6mg strengths. 

4. ZYN Spearmint

Open a can of ZYN Spearmint and you get what you’d expect: the aroma of subtly sweet spearmint. Each pouch gives a cooling, smooth sensation and gives up to 45 minutes of impact. These are high-quality pouches that work well as an everyday pouch (we recommend the 6mg to really fulfil that nicotine craving). 


5. ZYN Cool Mint

ZYN Cool Mint give you that cooling mint sensation. This mild sensation ties in with the light flavor of fresh mint - with a slight bite and soft sweetness. These pouches give up to 40 minutes of satisfaction - with ZYN Cool Mint 6mg giving a longer lasting impact than ZYN 3mg Cool Mint (which is more gentle). 



ZYN Strengths

ZYN pouches come in 2 different strengths: 3mg and 6mg. 


ZYN 3mg pouches contain 3mg of nicotine per pouch. This is a popular strength for use everyday, as it is a less intense nicotine strength compared to other pouches.


 Each ZYN 6mg pouch contains (as the name would suggest) 6mg of nicotine. These are the strongest ZYNs and are the most popular ZYN strength.

ZYN Instructions

While ZYN are similar to other nicotine pouches, there are still some important ZYN-specific instructions to remember.

How to Use ZYN 

Here are some ZYN directions to help you make the most of your pouches:

  1. Break the Seal. Each ZYN can has a child-resistant lid. To open the lid, you should break the seal on the side of the can.
  2. Twist the Lid Off. Twist the lid in the same direction as the pointed arrows on the can. As you twist, gently life at the same time to unlock your can of 15 pouches. 
  3. Park a Pouch. Now you have access to the pouches, it’s time to park. Place the pouch between your gum and upper lip for maximum impact.
  4. Leave it. Leave the pouch in place for around 45 minutes or until the experience ends. If you find the flavor starting to fade, you can try moving the pouch slightly to revive the flavor.
  5. Remove it. Once you’ve enjoyed your nicotine kick, it is important to dispose of your pouches responsibly. Take out your pouch and throw it in the trash (and only in the trash - respect the environment). 

How Long Does Each ZYN Pouch Last?

On average, ZYN pouches last around 40 minutes. However, this is just a ballpark and it will depend on several factors including how regularly you use it, the flavor of pouch you try and the strength of pouch. 


What is in ZYN?

ZYN pouches have 6 main ingredients:

  • Nicotine Salt
  • Stabilizers
  • Fillers
  • pH Adjusters
  • Sweeteners
  • Food-grade Flavorings
what is in a zyn nicotine pouch - zyn ingredientswhat is in a zyn nicotine pouch - zyn ingredients


ZYN Tips

Ready to try ZYN? Here are some ZYN tips to become an expert!

  1. DO NOT SWALLOW ZYN. ZYN pouches should be removed and disposed of, never swallowed.
  2. To get the flavors flowing and keep the pouch moist, make sure to moisten your mouth before using ZYNs.
  3. Try ZYN a few times. ZYN are quite a different experience to other nicotine pouches as they are more dry. They take a bit of getting used to, so try a pouch more than once, you may end up liking them!
  4. Use Reponsibly! Many people ask “how many ZYN pouches a day?”, but that will vary from person to person. Just like the best things in life, these pouches should be used in moderation, and you should stop using them if you feel any bad side effects.

Where to Buy ZYN

ZYN can be bought in some convenience stores and tobacconists, but it is easiest to buy ZYN nicotine pouches online. Northerner has the full selection of ZYN pouches at competitive prices.


How Old Do You Need to be to Buy ZYN

In the US, you can only buy nicotine pouches (such as ZYN) if you are aged 21 or over. However, each state might have other regulations in place, so always check with your local authorities if you are ever unsure on the laws in your area.



How Many ZYNs Come in a Can?

Each can of ZYN has 15 pouches.


Can I Swallow ZYN Pouches?

No, you should not swallow ZYN pouches. If you do swallow a ZYN nicotine pouch, you should consult your doctor immediately. 


Can I Swallow Spit from ZYN pouches?

Yes, you can definitely swallow your saliva while using ZYN pouches. Whether you choose to or not is more due preference.


Do I Need to Spit ZYN?

No, you don’t need to spit ZYN. ZYN pouches were designed in a way that creates limited saliva compared to other oral products (such as chewing tobacco). 


Can I Chew ZYN?

No, you should not chew ZYN nicotine pouches. You should only use the pouches intact, do not use a broken pouch.


Who Owns ZYN?

ZYN is owned by Swedish Match. 


Why Do People Use ZYN?

There are many reasons people use nicotine pouches such as ZYNs:

  • They are smoke-free
  • They are discreet
  • They don’t stain or have an unpleasant odor
  • They are lots of options (of flavor, strength and brands)
  • They are convenient


How Many ZYN Pouches per Day?

When deciding how many ZYN per day, consider the nicotine strength and how long you use each pouch. Always make sure to use in moderation and if you feel any negative side effects, take a break and seek medical advice if necessary.