Have You Tried These ZYN Alternatives?

Have You Tried These ZYN Alternatives?

If you haven't seen or heard already, the demand for ZYN is at an all-time high, which is affecting nicotine pouch users across the country as both online and offline retailers start to feel the effects of backordered ZYN and dwindling stock. 

But don't despair, ZYN customers!

We've compiled a comprehensive list of nicotine pouches for you to choose from if your usual ZYN is not available at the moment. Browse through this guide and see which ones you're curious to try in the absence of your favorite ZYN flavors.

ZYN Wintergreen Alternatives

This bestseller from ZYN is a gentle mint with slightly sweet notes – but where else can you find wintergreen? Look no further:

ZYN Spearmint Alternatives

Subbing in for ZYN Spearmint, you'll appreciate these brands' top quality pouches – both in terms of flavor and nicotine release:

ZYN Cool Mint Alternatives

ZYN Cool Mint is a classic for a reason. Choose from the following brands for an equally invigorating hit of mint:

ZYN Peppermint Alternatives

These peppermint pouches will not disappoint if you're in the market for something similar to ZYN Peppermint:

ZYN Citrus Alternatives

ZYN's burst of bright, tangy citrus can only be matched by the following brands:

ZYN Cinnamon Alternatives

Rogue, On! and VELO offer a spiced blend that is especially close to ZYN Cinnamon:

ZYN Coffee Alternatives

Fans of ZYN Coffee will be pleased with this batch of caffeine- and tobacco-free nicotine pouches: 

ZYN Chill & ZYN Smooth Alternatives

Flavor, flavor, flavor... But what about unflavored nicotine pouches? Don't miss out on these ones if you're a regular user of either ZYN Chill or ZYN Smooth:

Strengths & Formats

Before buying anything, make sure you stop to consider what you like in terms of nicotine strength and pouch size too.

Keep in mind that if you're used to ZYN's 3mg and 6mg strengths, then it may take some time to adapt to more or less nicotine. Also, differences in the size and texture of a pouch may be subtle, but can still play a big role in your enjoyment. Did you know that dry pouches drip less, for instance?


The good news here is that all the alternatives listed in this guide offer 5 more pouches per can than ZYN, so at least you can enjoy them for a bit longer. 



Nicotine Strength (per pouch) Nicotine Type Pouch Format Number of Pouches
ZYN 3mg & 6mg Tobacco leaf-derived Mini, Dry 15
On! 2mg, 4mg & 8mg Tobacco leaf-derived Mini, Dry 20
Rogue 3mg & 6mg Tobacco leaf-derived Large, Dry 20
VELO 4mg & 7mg Tobacco leaf-derived Slim, Dry 20
zone 6mg & 9mg Synthetic Slim, Ultra-Soft 20
FRE 9mg, 12mg, 15mg Sythentic Regular, Semi-Dry 20