Fine Cut Tobacco

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Fine cut tobacco and fine cut snuff

If you're looking for great quality goods, then look no further as we have a massive selection of fine-cut products here on our site. There is a wealth of different options to choose from, including some of the best fine cut tobacco and fine cut dip on the market. For specific searches, you can even filter the options using a number of different categories:


  • Product type such as snuff, dip and chewing
  • Nicotine level
  • Brand

Which are the top fine cut tobacco brands?

Discerning customers will find a number of options available on our website. We have a massive selection of fine cut tobacco brands including Copenhagen, Longhorn, Red Man, and many more. Each of these brands has slight differences in terms of strength, leaf type used, and the size of the leaf cut. Browse through our selection and enjoy speedy home delivery once you order online. Read on to find out how to dip fine cut!

How to dip fine cut tobacco

Each type of leaf is different, so it's important to use them in the right way. One of the most popular methods is to dip fine cut chewing tobacco. To do this, just take a pinch of tobacco from the tin. Then, place this between your gum and cheek making sure to pack it together, so you don't lose the leaves. Let it sit in your mouth and absorb the nicotine through your gums. Spit when needed!

What is fine cut tobacco?

So, what is fine cut tobacco? Unlike other tobacco products, fine cut is loose. It is often used in homemade products and is there to be rolled or dipped as you choose. However, to classify as fine cut, it must have narrow cut leaves. These are usually less than 1.5 mm in width. Amazingly, this is actually one of the oldest forms of tobacco dating back to the 15th century! So, get shopping today and choose the perfect product.