Bestselling Snuff & Dip

Find all the bestselling snuff and best tobacco dip. Buy your favorite brands online on Northerner!

Copenhagen Snuff
  • $6.65
  • $33.20
  • $64.80
  • $154.25
Copenhagen Long Cut
  • $12.40
  • $61.95
  • $120.90
  • $287.50
Skoal Mint X-tra Pouches
  • $6.49
  • $32.40
  • $63.30
  • $150.50
Grizzly Wintergreen Long Cut
  • $6.09
  • $30.40
  • $59.40
  • $141.25
Stoker's Wintergreen Tub, Long Cut
Hawken Wintergreen Long Cut

Bestselling Snuff and Best Tobacco Dip

Snuff (a finely ground tobacco product that is used by sniffing it into the nose, placing it in the mouth, or rubbing it on the gums) and tobacco dip (a type of smokeless tobacco that is placed between the lower lip or cheek and the gums, also known as moist snuff) are two popular smoke-free tobacco products in the U.S. 


What makes the best snuff and tobacco dip? The popularity of a snuff or dip product is highly dependent on the quality and flavor of the tobacco, as well as the cut and format. Fine cut tobacco is a type of smokeless tobacco that is finely ground into small pieces, while long cut tobacco consists of longer and wider strands of tobacco that are typically thicker and coarser than fine cut tobacco. The main difference between the two is the size and texture of the tobacco pieces, which can affect the way the tobacco is used and how it feels in the mouth. Fine cut tobacco is often used for nasal snuff or as a base for making snus, while long cut tobacco is commonly used for dipping or chewing.

Most Popular Tobacco Dip and Snuff Products on Northerner

Based on reviews from our customers and our Northerner teams expert opinion, the top 6 snuff and dip products you can find on Northerner are:


  1. Copenhagen 12oz Long Cut
  2. Copenhagen 1.2oz Fine Cut Snuff
  3. Grizzly Wintergreen 12oz Long Cut
  4. Hawken Wintergreen 12oz Long Cut
  5. Skoal Mint 0.82oz Snuff Pouches
  6. Stoker’s Wintergreen Tub 12oz Long Cut


Read more about rankings of Snuff & Dip products in our guide Best Snuff & Dip tobacco.

Bestselling Snuff and Best Dip Brands

There are many different brands of snuff and dip to choose from, but the most popular brands you can find on Northerner are:


  1. Copenhagen
  2. Grizzly
  3. Hawken
  4. Skoal
  5. Stoker’s


  • The most popular snuff and dip product on Northerner is Copenhagen 12oz Long Cut. 
  • The bestselling dip and snuff brand on Northerner (as voted for by customers) is Copenhagen.
  • One of the best places to buy snuff and tobacco dip online is Northerner. Northerner is one of the oldest smokefree tobacco stores online, with shipping options to most U.S states, competitive prices and fast shipping.