Camel Snus

Camel Snus is a dime-sized pouch of premium chew tobacco packaged in cans of 15 and sold exclusively in the U.S. These smoke- and spit-free pouches come in several flavors, plus they’re discreet and easy to use at any time. Buy Camel Snus online today.

Camel Mellow American Snus
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What Is Camel Snus? 


Camel Snus is a top American snus brand of produced by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, a subsidiary of British American Tobacco. Camel snus has been sold in the U.S. since 2006, and has become a solid favorite among American snus users.

Their range of snus products are one of our American Snus options: these products contain characteristics of traditional snus but with flavors that have been adapted for the American palate. 




Camel Snus Flavor Range: The Full Product List 

Camel snus pouches are available in 5 different flavors, which cater to the different preferences of adult snus users:

  • Camel Frost
  • Camel Winterchill
  • Camel Mellow
  • Camel Mint
  • Camel Robust

This diverse flavor selection Each flavor comes in a tin containing 15 pouches. The regular Camel snus pouches are around the size of a dime, but the Camel Frost, Camel Winterchill and Camel Robust pouches come in a large pouch size option. 


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Camel Snus Nicotine Content 

The Camel snus nicotine content will depend on which pouch size you choose. However, Camel snus pouches come in two different strengths: each pouch contains either around 1.5mg or 2.5mg of nicotine per pouch. 

The bigger Camel snus pouch (Camel Snus large) has a higher nicotine strength, whereas the regular sized Camel snus has a lower nicotine strength. 


Camel Snus vs Swedish Snus 

There are quite a few differences between Camel Snus and Swedish Snus, including where they are made, the portion sizes, sweetness and nicotine content.


  • Where The Snus is Made. Typically, Swedish snus is manufactured in Sweden whereas American snus is manufactured in the U.S.
  • Portion Sizes. American snus has smaller portions compared to Swedish snus. 
  • Sweetness. American snus is typically sweeter than Swedish snus, to cover the tobacco flavor. 
  • Nicotine Content. Swedish snus typically has a higher nicotine content, offering pouches that have a maximum of 45mg of nicotine. American snus typically has up to 4mg of nicotine per pouch as a maximum. 

However, which snus is best between the American snus options and Swedish snus options will ultimately be up to your preferences. 


How To Camel Snus 

When learning how to use snus, there are 4 steps you need to follow:

  1. Open the snus can
  2. Pop a snus pouch in your mouth, parking it between the upper lip and gum
  3. Leave it parked for around 30 minutes
  4. Dispose of the snus (responsibly - in the trash or catch lid if your can has one)


Where To Buy Camel Snus 

You can buy Camel snus in some select local stores, however it is better to buy Camel snus online. Shop the full range of Camel snus online and order on Northerner for competitive prices and fast shipping to your home. 


More About Camel Snus 

  • Camel snus products are intended for adult tobacco consumers aged 21 and above who already use oral tobacco products. 

  • No, you should not swallow Camel snus pouches. If you swallow a Camel snus pouch, please reach out to your local healthcare provider for advice.

  • Camel Snus is heat-produced, not fermented, and crafted with the following four main ingredients: tobacco, water, salt, and flavoring. Inside each fleece pouch is finely milled flavored tobacco.

  • Camel Snus is owned by Reynolds American, Inc.