Bestselling Chewing Tobacco on Northerner

Chewing tobacco is a form of smokeless tobacco that is chewed or placed between the cheek and gums. It is often flavored and packaged in small tins or pouches, and usually placed between the cheek and gums then chewed, sucked or left in place to release the nicotine. To use it, a small amount of the tobacco is placed in the mouth, either directly or through a pouch, and then it is moved around the mouth to release the flavors and nicotine. The tobacco juice that is produced is then spit out, usually into a spittoon. 


But what are the bestselling kinds of chewing tobacco and what makes them the best types of chewing tobacco? The quality of chewing tobacco is often ranked by the flavor, moisture level, cut, and strength of the tobacco. Read on to find out how our Northerner customers rank our chewing tobacco product selection and whether you should buy chewing tobacco online! If you want to find more rankings of chewing tobacco, then view our guide about the best chewing tobacco.

Most Popular Chewing Tobacco

Based on reviews from our customers and our Northerner teams expert opinion, the overall top 5 chewing tobacco products you can find on Northerner are:


  1. Days Work Plug
  2. Stokers Apple 16oz Loose Leaf
  3. Stokers Red Supreme 16oz Loose Leaf
  4. Red Man Original 3oz Loose Leaf
  5. Stokers Black Wild Cherry 16oz Loose Leaf


Bestselling Plug Tobacco

Plug chewing tobacco is pressed tobacco leaves in a square, brick-like mass. The most popular plug tobacco on Northerner is Days Work Plug, which has a taste of tobacco. 


Bestselling Loose Leaf Chewing tobacco

Loose leaf chewing tobacco consists of loose, shredded strands of tobacco that can be used as they are or formed into a quid (a small ball). The most popular loose leaf chewing tobacco on Northerner is Stokers Apple, which has a taste of tobacco with fruity hints of apple. 


Why You Should Buy Popular Chewing Tobacco Brands Online

Buying chewing tobacco online gives you competitive deals on your favorite products from one of the oldest smokeless tobacco shops online. Order on Northerner today!



  • The bestselling chewing tobacco on Northerner is Days Work Plug.
  • The top 3 bestselling chewing tobacco flavors on Northerner are original (tobacco), apple and wintergreen.