Stoker's Chew & Dip

Discover Stoker's Chew & Dip - a bestselling brand of chewing tobacco and moist dip made from 100% American tobacco (grown in Tennessee and Kentucky). Shop the full range of Stoker's Chew & Dip products and get them shipped to you with our fast shipping options!

Stoker's Chew And Dip 

Introduced in 1940, Stoker’s Chew and Dip blends feature 100% American grown dark fired and air cured tobacco from the central and western regions of Tennessee and Kentucky.


Stoker's has a long-standing tradition in the United States, with its high-quality and flavorful chew tobacco and dip products. Manufactured with carefully selected cured tobacco leaves and natural additives, Stoker's offers a variety of cuts and flavors to meet every preference. the classic Stoker’s tub to bags and a range of long cut, fine cut, and moist snuff, the brand has become a popular choice with adult smokeless tobacco users in the U.S. 


Known for their unique cuts and long-lasting flavor, Stoker’s offers a range of popular chewing tobacco and dip tobacco options. Buy your Stoker’s tub online on Northerner.


Stoker's Chewing Tobacco 

Stoker's chewing tobacco is one of the top-selling brands in the US. It's a smokeless tobacco blend that is rich, dark, and moist - with signature flavor from Stoker’s chewing tobacco being created using a time-honored Multi-Pass™ process. With its long-lasting taste and unique packaging that ensures quality, Stoker's is a popular choice among adult chewing tobacco users in the U.S. 


Stoker's Dip 

Stoker's dip tobacco is a popular dip tobacco choice in the US. It is made from a blend of fine-cut toasted tobacco and flavorful smokeless tobacco experience for adult smokeless tobacco users. It comes in many varieties such as Original, Mint, Wintergreen, and Straight. With its unique flavor and texture, Stoker's dip tobacco has become a favorite among smokeless tobacco users. 


Stoker's Flavors: The Full List 

As previously mentioned, Stoker’s is best known for their Stoker’s flavors. On Northerner, there are 7 flavor varieties to choose from, which cater to the different preferences of adult dip and chew users:

  • Stoker’s Natural
  • Stoker’s Wintergreen
  • Stoker’s Mint
  • Stoker’s Apple
  • Stoker’s 24C
  • Stoker’s Tennessee
  • Stoker’s Red Supreme



This diverse range of Stoker’s flavors are available in different packaging options (depending on which product and flavor you choose): 

  • Stoker’s Tubs. A Stoker’s Tub equals 10 cans (around 12-oz), they are made with a plastic base and metal lid.
  • Stoker’s Can. The standard Stoker’s can is 1.2-oz and is made with a plastic base and metal lid.
  • Stoker’s Bag. Stoker's sells their chewing tobacco in 8 oz. and 16 oz. bag options.


Top 3 Stoker's Dip And Chew on Northerner

How To Use Stoker's Dip And Chew 

Stoker’s comes in long cut and fine cut, and is packaged in either a can, tub or bag. Using Stoker’s smokeless tobacco only needs you to follow 4 key steps:

  1. Pinch the tobacco and place it into your mouth. 
  2. Place the tobacco somewhere between your inner cheek and gums.
  3. Suck on the tobacco juices and spit often, as saliva builds up while the tobacco is in there. 
  4. Once you’re done, simply spit the tobacco out and dispose of it responsibly.


Where To But Stoker's Tobacco 

You can buy Stoker’s smokeless tobacco on Northerner. Shop the range of Stoker’s chewing tobacco online on Northerner for the competitive Stoker’s tobacco prices and fast shipping to your home. 


More About Stoker's 

  • All smokeless tobacco products (including Stoker’s smokeless tobacco products) are intended for adult tobacco consumers aged 21 and above who already use oral tobacco products.

  • No, you should not swallow any of the Stoker's Chew & Dip products. If you swallow any Stoker's Chew & Dip, please reach out to your local healthcare provider for advice. 

  • To make their products as affordable as possible, Stoker’s sells their chewing tobacco in 8 oz. and 16 oz. bags instead of the traditional 3 oz. bags. This process helps them provide more products at a better price. 

  • Stoker’s is manufactured and distributed by the National Tobacco Company.