swedish snus vs american snus

Swedish Snus vs. American Snus - What is the difference?


Let’s be honest…at some point or another, you’ve probably needed a refresher on what snus actually is—and the truth is, you’re not alone. Snus can be pretty confusing to beginners, which is why we’re going to break down everything from its history to the difference between Swedish snus and American snus.

The History of Snus


Snus was originally created in Sweden in the 19th century, when improvements were made on the snuff that the French had been using for around a hundred years. Then, snuff was a dry, very fine tobacco powder that was actually inhaled. At first, snus was manufactured by tobacco producers but as the popularity of snus grew, more factories opened and started producing the products. Today, approximately 16% of the Swedish population use snus.

What Is Swedish Snus?

Whether it’s pouched or loose snus, Swedish snus is characterized by its strong tobacco flavor. Even when there is flavoring like mint (or one of the many other flavors it comes in), there’s a high probability that the tobacco taste is still prevalent. Speaking of flavors, there are a wide assortment of snus flavors to pick from and several companies are continuing to produce the product, even though the EU is attempting to make it a lot harder to get a hold of.

Snus from Sweden comes in portions that are significantly larger than American portions, whereas, America's snus feels like a designer product for those that don’t enjoy dipping. If you’re just starting out and interested in trying snus, we recommend you start with American snus because Sweden's snus is for legitimate, experienced tobacco connoisseurs.


How Much Nicotine Is In Swedish Snus?

Swedish snus is known to contain high levels of nicotine. In fact, you can easily find several brands that contain 4 to 45 mg of nicotine.


What Is American Snus?


As mentioned above, American snus feels much like an exclusive designer product. We say that because only a few companies produce it (Camel is our most popular), which means that there are fewer strengths, flavor offerings, and variety to choose from. American snus’ portion sizes are also smaller than Swedish snus’, which means you’ll also be getting less of a nicotine kick if you do decide to go that route. At the most, you’ll find about 4mg of nicotine per pouch. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that American snus is a lot sweeter than Swedish snus because while Swedish snus has a lot of tobacco flavor, American snus focuses more on masking that tobacco with creative and classic flavors.


Hopefully, after this read, snus is a little less confusing and a lot more clear to identify and understand. Remember, at the end of the day, the type of snus you choose is completely up to you. Take your time when you’re looking to decide which snus products are for you.