zyn vs dip - what is the difference?



ZYN vs Dip - What is the Difference?


ZYN and Dip - two entirely different products, but both offer a smoke-free way to use nicotine. So what is the difference between ZYN vs dip and other smokeless tobacco products? We compare the differences between ZYN, a leading brand of nicotine pouches and other smokeless tobacco products so you know the facts, especially if you are  looking into making a big switch to nicotine pouches from traditional smokeless tobacco products.


What is the Difference Between ZYN Pouches and Dip?


There are many differences between ZYN pouches vs dip when you look at them side by side. In general, there are 6 major differences between nicotine pouches and dip:



  Nicotine Pouches Dip
Contains Tobacco? No, they are tobacco leaf-free  Yes
Typical Place to Use Between upper lip and gum  Packed in the cheek or between the lower lip and gum
Spitting Required? No Yes
Flavor Options? Yes, many Yes, but limited selection
Different Nicotine Strength Options? Yes No (but you can alter how much nicotine you use by altering how much dip you pack) 




1. Tobacco vs Tobacco-Leaf Free


The most notable difference between nicotine pouches vs dip if you place them side by side is whether there is tobacco in the product. ZYN pouches, as well as other nicotine pouches, are tobacco leaf-free or contain synthetic tobacco - so you get the nicotine without the tobacco leaf. However, dip products (whether you choose Copenhagen dip, Skoal or dip products from any other brand) have tobacco as the primary ingredient. 



2. Portioned vs Loose


Typically, dip tobacco is loose - there are some portioned versions, but it is typically loose. When you compare this to ZYN, these all-white pouches come pre-portioned in a pillow-like pouch that parks between the upper lip and gum. 



3. Upper Lip vs Cheek or Lower Lip Park


Nicotine pouches are typically used between the upper lip and gum, where the nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream via the oral mucosa. In comparison, most dip tobacco users tend to pack their dip between the gum and cheek or between the lower lip and gum. Dippers tend to need to pack the contents firmly with your finger so that your dip remains in place, if we compare this to ZYN the pouch should stay put without the need to pack it tightly. 



4. No Spit vs Spitting


One of the main reasons adult tobacco users often consider switching to nicotine pouches (such as ZYN) is that they don’t require spitting when you use them. Dip is known for being quite messy, not just because of the loose tobacco but also because of the spitting required. 

In summary, you can swallow ZYN spit but not the spit you produce when using dip tobacco.



5. Many Flavor Options vs Limited Flavor Options


Nicotine pouches come in a range of flavors: from fruit to mints to even some more unique flavors (such as cinnamon). These flavors are added to the nicotine pouch in order to give the pouch some flavor. 

Dip tobacco, as the name suggest, has tobacco flavors at the forefront. As the tobacco flavor is strong, you will only taste and added flavors (such as wintergreen) as a slight subtle hint rather than the primary flavor. 



6. Varying Nicotine Strengths vs Standard Nicotine Strength


Nicotine pouches come in a scale of different strengths, measured in milligrams per pouch. On Northerner, you can find nicotine pouches with strengths from 2mg per pouch all the way up to 15mg per pouch - but the nicotine strength options available will vary depending on which brand you choose. 


Dip tobacco is harder to measure the “per portion” nicotine value, as it is a loose product, dippers can pack varying amounts of dip which will have different nicotine strengths. However, on average, a can of dip contains 144 milligrams of nicotine.


How Much Nicotine is in a Dip vs How Much Nicotine is in a ZYN?

One of the biggest questions, and hardest to answer, when comparing nicotine pouches vs dip: how many mg of nicotine is in a Dip vs ZYN?

This is quite a variable number, as the amount of dip you use can vary depending on how much dip you choose to pack. However, we will try to give you a per can overview for both nicotine pouches vs dip so you can make a comparison.



How Many mg of Nicotine in a Dip?

On average, a can of dip contains up to 144mg of nicotine. If an average can of dip weighs around 34 grams, this equates to around 144mg per 34 grams - or 4.2mg of nicotine per gram. 

Based on research, the average dip portion used weights around 2 grams, which means (as an average) each dip portion would provide around 8.4mg of nicotine. 

However, please keep in mind that this is just an average - the actual numbers can vary on many factors, including if you use loose vs portion, which brand you choose and more. If you want to read on about the ZYN strengths or go in depth about ZYN, read our "what is zyn" guide. 



How Much Nicotine is in a ZYN?

As there is so much variation in how much nicotine is in a nicotine pouch, we will look specifically at the ZYN range to compare. 


ZYN pouches come in two nicotine strength options: 3mg and 6mg. This means that, depending on which strength you choose, you will get either 3mg or 6mg of nicotine per pouch. 



Why are Regular Dip Users Considering Alternatives to Dipping?


As we mentioned earlier, there are many differences between nicotine pouches and dip - so why are adult smokeless tobacco users trying to make the switch? Some of the most common reasons dip and other smokeless tobacco users are trying to make the switch are.




1. They Want to Stop Using Tobacco.


Dip contains tobacco, which can not only stain your teeth, but can be quite messy. Nicotine pouches still contain nicotine, just the nicotine is either made synthetically (like the nicotine in NIC-S pouches) or by extracting it from the tobacco leaf (like the nicotine you find in ZYNs). 



2. They Want to Skip the Mess.


While there are some pre-portioned dip pouches, most dip is loose. This means having to get your fingers stuck in, and having to make sure you pack your dip tobacco properly to avoid the dip slipping or moving around. Plus, dip tobacco requires spitting - which is quite an uncomfortable habit for both you and those around you. 


3. They Want to Cut the Cost.


It is no secret that the cost of dip and other tobacco products has been on the increase, with rising excise and taxes. However, nicotine pouches (while they still are subject to excise and other taxes) are at a much more accessible price point for regular adult nicotine users.


Things to Consider When Looking for an Alternative to Dipping


You may be curious as to how people managed to quit dip, so we will be transparent - the process is hard, as the experience and feel of dip is unique, so it is hard to let that go. Combined with the addictive nicotine, it can be a hard thing to kick. However, if you are committed to moving towards tobacco-leaf free alternatives to dipping, here are a few tips to get you started.



Most Popular Dip Alternatives on Northerner


While you can get some tobacco-free dip options, such as Black Buffalo, there are also some other options you may want to consider that are popular with Northerner customers, or are more unique but offer a non-tobacco alternative:



Most Similar Flavored Tobacco-Leaf Free Product on Northerner: ZYN Wintergreen 6mg


ZYN dry pouches are quite different to the feel you get from dip tobacco - as dip tobacco is more moist vs ZYN. Even if you compare snus vs ZYN, there is a difference in the feel, as the tobacco pouches and portions are moist. However, flavor wise the flavor is not too dissimilar from the wintergreen you can find in popular smokeless tobacco products, so it has the flavor that is familiar if you prefer a flavored smokeless tobacco product.






Most Similar No-Tobacco Product on Northerner: Cotton Mouth


If you are looking for a non-tobacco product that has a similar experience to dip tobacco, take a look at Cotton Mouth. Cotton Mouth is a unique nicotine product that was designed to deliver a high-quality nicotine experience through a range of innovative products for nicotine users. Each can of Cotton Mouth contains pellets of patented and vegan-friendly cotton-like synthetic fibers. These fibers provide a unique texture and mouthfeel that is combined with popular flavorings such as Wintergreen and Mint.