What is Tobacco Free Dip?

Chad Jones


While nicotine pouches are all the rage right now, and snus certainly shares the spotlight in the US, Chad “Snubie” Jones feels there is something missing for dippers who are looking to make the switch to tobacco-free products.

When it comes to smoke-free alternatives, the market certainly has been growing and expanding for the past several years. While nicotine pouches are all the rage right now, and snus certainly shares the spotlight in the US, there’s something missing for dippers who are looking to make the switch to tobacco-free products. Some try to switch to nicotine pouches to get away from tobacco, but just don’t find the flavor to be satisfying, or the experience to be comparable to what they enjoyed with dipping tobacco.


Now, if you’re not familiar with the other alternatives, this next part may come as a surprise.  Yes, believe it or not, there’s a whole category of products out there that mimic the familiar experience of dip (pouches and loose dip), while still delivering nicotine in a tobacco-free format.  Some of these products actually come pretty close to it as well.  You can experience the same feeling, same nicotine delivery, but completely free of tobacco.


When it comes to dip products, you have a few formats.  Different consumers enjoy different formats, so finding a proper replacement really depends on what you enjoy.  First, let’s talk about some options available in the world of dip, then let’s explore the world of tobacco-free dip!


Dipping Tobacco

Dip - Loose Format

With dip, you have quite a few formats.  You have extra long cut, long cut, and fine cut, for example.  There’s just something about the experience of touching raw, moist tobacco, packing it in your lip, and enjoying the flavor.  I personally prefer extra long cut for it’s ease of packing, but long cut is a close runner up.  In the picture above, you’ll see a photo of long cut dip.  Most I know who use dip tend to stick to the long cut format, but they have more experience with it than I do, that’s for sure.


 Dip - Pouch Format

I can’t neglect talking about pouches.  It’s true that pouches aren’t for everyone, but they certainly do have their upsides.  They’re easier to use, and more discrete.  Of course, that is if you’re looking for that sort of thing.  I enjoy pouches from time to time because they’re easy to just pop in the lip and go.  Or, if you work in an office, these provide a viable alternative that you can enjoy discretely.  Ultimately, that depends on you and what you enjoy!


Tobacco-Free Alternatives

In the tobacco free category, there are products out there that come in the familiar long cut format.  I’m not aware of an extra long cut alternative, but I find these long cut alternatives to be just as enjoyable.  I really enjoy the Fully Loaded brand, so I’m going to discuss them.  Plus, they’re available over at NicoKick.com so they’re easy to purchase and have sent straight to your door.  With Fully Loaded, they say they have the same pack, spit, and buzz that you’ve come to enjoy with regular tobacco-containing dip. 


Description from Nicokick.com:  “Looking for tobacco-free dip? We’ve got you covered. Fully Loaded Chew is a great alternative to traditional tobacco. It looks, feels, packs and tastes just like chew, minus the tobacco. Choose from their different strengths and flavors, including Fully Loaded Cherry, Fully Loaded Mint, Fully Loaded Tobacco and Fully Loaded Wintergreen. No matter which dip or dips you decide on, each option packs the ultimate punch and delivers all the pack, spit and buzz that’s guaranteed to get you through the day. If you’re ever in need of nicotine satisfaction—your way—you should treat yourself to Fully Loaded Chew.”


What goes into a product like this?  For Fully Loaded, for example, it’s these ingredients:  Mint leaf, Kudzu Root, Molasses, Water, Natural & Artificial Flavors & Colors, TFN® (Tobacco-Free Nicotine), Vegetable Glycerin, Cayenne Pepper, Salt, Baking Soda & Baker’s Ammonia.  Regarding strengths, they come in full strength, half cocked (50% strength), and nicotine free.


It’s interesting to note that they use TFN nicotine.  This means they don’t use tobacco-derived nicotine like a lot of other tobacco-free alternatives.  So, you can use this product and know you’re using something completely free from tobacco!


These tobacco free alternatives usually come with familiar flavors such as wintergreen, straight, natural, mint, and more.  I’m rather fond of Fully Loaded’s straight flavor, personally.  When it comes to the imitation of long cut, I think they nail it pretty well.  It packs in the lip like regular dip, is moist like regular dip, and juices up just like regular dip.  The nicotine delivery is actually better, in my opinion, than regular dip.  I think they got that part down a lot better than tobacco-containing dip products.  I know, blasphemy!  But, it’s true.  It has a proper delivery.


 Of course, I can’t neglect the pouch format of Fully Loaded.  One thing that’s great about these products is that yes, they juice up, and you can produce proper dip-spit.  However, I’ve found I can gut the spit on these products and my stomach doesn’t get upset.  That is an added benefit of these tobacco-free dip alternatives. 


The experience is very much the same as using a pouched product.  It’s a plump, full, moist pouch that fills out the lip really well.  As mentioned with the long cut version, I also find the nicotine delivery to be a little bit better than with a pouched dip product.  That was rather surprising to me, to say the least.  In terms of flavors, products like these have the usual suspects:  mint, wintergreen, straight, and natural.  Fully Loaded also has bourbon and a really good peach flavor, as well. 


The pouch format is easier to use, and more discrete, so if that’s what you’re looking for, it’s certainly available in tobacco-free alternatives.  It’s quite impressive that companies have been able to get these formats down in a tobacco-free delivery medium, as well. 


Final Thoughts


In the modern era, it’s quite impressive the number of smoke-free alternatives we see on the market today.  For many, nicotine pouches are the way to go.  They’re tobacco free, and deliver nicotine in a very efficient way.  However, not every ex-dipper can make the switch to them.  I hear from many that something feels like it’s missing.  Products like Fully Loaded certainly bridge that gap, because they bring the familiar experience of dipping tobacco in a tobacco-free format.  These products aren’t for everyone, but I’ve met quite a lot of people over the years who have been able to quit using tobacco by switching to products like these.  They’re pretty enjoyable, which often catches me off guard.  You wouldn’t expect a tobacco-free product to deliver that experience, but products like Fully Loaded are able to do it. 


If you’re looking to kick tobacco but still enjoy nicotine, products like Fully Loaded are worth checking out.  They deliver the familiar experience, but in a tobacco-free format!