What to Eat and Drink Together With Snus

If you are an avid snus user, it is important that you are able to pair snus with several aspects of your life – and what is more important in life than enjoying good food and drink! So, what do snus users recommend as optimal drinking choices for snus, and are there any food products out there that may complement your favorite snus flavor?


Esperanto Restaurant

In keeping with Sweden’s love of snus, there is actually a restaurant that focuses its menu on the snus palate. Esperanto is located in Stockholm and has its own tobacco expert who consults on each dish. The flavors chosen for each plate of food are meant to highlight the aromas found in a specific brand and flavor of snus. After enjoying each dish, guests are treated to a portion of the snus that inspired their meal. For example, you can enjoy a delicious rose-infused sorbet with rose crème for dessert – and finish it off with a complementary portion of General Snus.

Not content with merely emphasizing the flavors and aromas of the snus, some dishes are even created to resemble the product. These dishes are Esperanto’s “mock snus” delicacies, such as dried olives that are ground into powder and placed inside a snus can. Sounds like a mouth-watering and interesting alternative to the usual bread and butter table filler – and a delicious reminder of what is to come.


Pair Your Snus With Beer and Coffee

Naturally, we cannot expect to dine at restaurants like Esperanto every day. So instead, we need to find our own home-style pairings for a little everyday luxury.

Coffee is definitely an easy addition to your daily snus habit. The majority of us already enjoy a morning cup or two – and perhaps even a mid-day coffee energy infusion – so why not merge coffee and snus for a double boost? The caffeine and nicotine combined will provide the ultimate pick-me-up!

If you do not want to detract from the coffee flavor, you could try a coffee flavored snus to match your drink (adding a touch of that Esperanto aroma pairing from the comfort of your own home). But if you like to live on the edge a little, then why not try a spicy cinnamon or chili offering – it could bring a little zing to your brew. The great thing about coffee is that it can be enjoyed both hot and cold – so even on those hot summer days, you can sip your ice latte in the garden with your favorite accompaniment.

Of course, beer and tobacco have been best friends since the dawn of time – so you have probably already tried this on a Friday night at home. Regular snus users cite IPA and Pilsners as their go-to snus beers. It seems that most snus flavors pair well with these beer types. However, even a good stout with unflavored snus could pack a proper punch. It all depends on whether you prefer, sweet, earthy or more bitter options, but the medley of flavors offered by both beer and snus provide a smorgasbord of tastes to try out.

If coffee and beer are not your preferred choices, do not worry. Caffeinated drinks such as Red Bull or Coke will also provide that added boost to your snus.


Snus Occassions

Of course, snus is used throughout the day. However, there are certain moments that are more meaningful than others. Many snus consumers enjoy that first snus of the day with their morning coffee. It is their moment to fully wake up, get a bit of a boost, and really kick-start their day.

Snus is also a go-to for those relaxing moments, such as watching a sports game on TV or while enjoying an afternoon gaming session.

Swedish Snus is really just the perfect addition to a good moment filled with fun, drink and good food.