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Sirius Ice Cold White Dry Strong Chewing Bags

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Arctic freshness of menthol and spearmint.

Sisu Extreme Mint White Dry Original is a modern Swedish Snus product where fine cut tobacco has been placed in a white portion pouch. This prevents the teeth from staining, while making the nicotine and taste experience more intense. This particular pouch is labeled as dry, referring to the content having a low level of moisture, and the format is defined as “original”, meaning it’s slightly larger than both “slim” and “mini”. Sisu Extreme Mint White Dry Original has a minty wintergreen flavour and is manufactured by AG Snus. The nicotine strength is 2 on a 5-grade scale, placing it within the “normal” range compared to similar Swedish snus products. Swedish snus can also be experienced in “slim” and “mini” portion pouches, as well as the format “loose”. You find more classic Swedish snus alternatives on the Sisu brand page.
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Product Info Flavored, Dry White
Brand Sirius
Manufacturer AG Snus
Nicotine Level Strong
Flavor Spearmint
Nicotine (mg/g) 25
Portion Weight (g) 0.625
Core flavor Menthol, Spearmint
For 1 Roll order 10
Net Weight (g) 10
Net Weight (oz) 0.35
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