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DOS Citrus CB

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Versand aus: Denmark
Willkommen in der Welt von DOS®

Ein moderner und innovativer Chewing Tobacco
DOS ist ein neuer Kautabak für den speziellen Nikotinkick. Lass die herkömmlichen Kautabake hinter dir, die einen starken Speichelfluss verursachen und dich zum Ausspucken zwingen. DOS basiert auf Kaugummi-Basis und ist in hygienischen Beutelchen verpackt. Jedes Beutelchen enthält 6mg Nikotin. Der frische Geschmack sorgt für frischen Atem.

Kaue DOS leicht für eine kurze Zeit und spüre den Nikotinkick. Behalte den DOS im Mund und kaue nach einer Weile noch einmal, wenn du einen weiteren Nikotinschub möchtest.

DOS bringt die folgenden Vorteile:
* Kein extremes Speicheln und Spucken
* Die Nikotinfreigabe kann selbst kontrolliert werden durch Anpassen der Kauhäufigkeit
* Frischer Zitrusgeschmack
* Enthält Backsoda, welches für saubere Zähne sorgt
* Keine bitteren Tabaksäfte
* In umweltfreundlicher Dose verpackt

Kaugummi Basis (mehr als 50 % des Gewichts)
Tabak (6mg Nikotin)
pH Regulator
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Nordic Chew. That’s a new term to all of us. Had I not been otherwise informed, I’d have assumed it was some new muesli treat from Scandinavia.

However, politicians being the creatures they are, snus has been restricted in some countries in the EU. So now in its place is a new product with the catchy name of Nordic Chew. The concept is simple enough: where traditional snus is placed in the upper lip and enjoyed, Nordic Chew is to be chewed a little before being placed in the lip. Chewing isn’t mandatory but in order to satisfy the political hoops, it’s in the description. You still get the spit-free enjoyment of snus.

DOS is apparently the leading edge in this new product, and I had the pleasure of sampling the citrus variety. The cans are different from normal snus cans. Perhaps this is another change, perhaps not. Either way, they are oblong, thin containers with two compartments, a small one to store used portions, and a larger one which holds the unused ones. It’s very discreet and doesn’t easily show in the pocket, which I really enjoyed.

The aroma is very faint but is indeed of citrus, and to be up front, these portions are incredibly dry. If say almost bone dry. If you handle one and roll it in your fingers you hear a sound not unlike dry leaves in autumn being crushed. The portion size is very slim and does not show when in your lip, which for the low key user is another added plus.

The first portion I tried, I did as advised and chewed it a little. Textually this gave me shivers. The sensation of dry portion material on my teeth is insanely unenjoyable. I like it to an oral version of fingernails on a chalkboard. However, this could just be me. But I definitely didn’t enjoy chewing it. The aim with chewing is to present some moisture to the dry portions and speed the nicotine buzz.

I found the delay in just going straight to the upper lip to be minor. It took about 10 minutes to fully moisten, but once it did, not only did I get a pleasant nicotine hit, but I also enjoyed a very flavorful product. The citrus notes I seemed to glean most were orange and to a lesser extent lemon. Being as dry as it is, I found myself enjoying it for a solid two to three hours before running out of flavor. Not a drip, just for it to not have that citrus flavor anymore.

It’s always good to try new things, and Nordic Chew, while essentially snus in every other way, is just different enough to be a changeup in my rotation, and honestly the most pleasant surprise you could expect. Aside from my textural nightmare with chewing it, I find no faults to speak of with Nordic Chew,  and I will give it a solid

If you are one of those souls who can no longer have “snus”, rejoice that Nordic Chew is an exceptional alternative for you to enjoy. I for one want to try the other flavor selections offered and see if they’re all as good as this.

/ Frank, Snus Squad

Produktinfo Aromatisiert, Trocken Weiß, Mini
Nikotin (mg/g) 18.67
Portion Gewicht (g) 0.375
Geschmack Zitrus
Marke DOS
Hersteller The Art Factory AB
Menge/ Stange 10
Nettogewicht (Gramm) 7.5
Nettogewicht (oz) 0.26
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