Ink X Strong Black White Extra Strong Chewing Bags

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Angenehmer Geschmack von Salmiak, Süssholz.

Ink X Strong Black White Extra Strong Chewing Bags has a taste of licorice and is manufactured by AG Snus. The nicotine experience is 5 out of 5 compared to similar chewing bags products. Ink Ink X Strong Black is a modern style of chewing tobacco with a pleasant flavor of salmiak and sweet licorice. It’s made from all lamina cut tobacco and the tobacco is packed in small pouches making it easy to use. Place the chewing bag between your cheek and gum chew gently on the bags for a stronger taste and nicotine delivery. You can find more news and classic chewing bags under "news" and on the Ink brand page.
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Unit type dose
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Produktinfo Aromatisiert, Weiß
Brand Ink
Hersteller AG Snus
Nikotingehalt Extrastark
Geschmack Lakritze
Nikotin (mg/g) 17.5
Portion Gewicht (g) 0.8
Geschmack Lakritze, Salmiak
Menge/ Stange 10
Nettogewicht (Gramm) 16.8
Nettogewicht (oz) 0.59
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