Kapten Café Mini White Portion Snus

Kapten Café Mini White Portion Snus

“complement my morning cup of coffee very well”

Did you know that Sweden is one of the biggest coffee drinking country in the world?

We love that hot, roasted dark drink more than anything, and we’re proud of it! Maybe it’s because of the winters we have, the long season of darkness when we rarely see the sunlight. We need our coffee to get us through the days.
Also, ”fika”, is something we do very often; meeting up at a café to hang out, drink coffee or tea and eat a cinnamon bun or a cookie. I love the concept, it’s so easy yet so cozy.

That’s why I was thrilled to try coffee-flavoured snus. How could you go wrong with that? Actually though, this snus smells more like sweet hot chocolate, or sweet latte of some sort. I don’t drink latte anymore, that was the young Sara who just started drinking coffee and didn’t know any better (not hating on you latte-lovers out there).

Since the pouches are mini I had to take two at a time to fill my quota. Kapten Café Mini White Portion don’t taste that much of coffee to be honest, but in some way they complement my morning cup very well. I don’t think I will use these any other time except for when I drink coffee, that means the pouches get wet faster so I could only keep them in for about 30 minutes. The amount of nicotine is 5mg/g, which is a normal amount and I felt it kick in after ten minutes or so. Or maybe it was the coffee that made me more alert, I don’t know… maybe the combination?

I had pretty high hopes for this snus, and I was a bit disappointed. But hey, nothing is as good as a fresh cup of black coffee and a classic tobacco pouch. I will stick with that 🙂

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Offroad Melon Mini White Portion

Offroad Melon Mini

“I have to say guys… this is gold”

As you can tell by the name these pouches are small. I have not used mini-snus since my first couple of years when I first started using snus. At that time we called it “tjejsnus” which in english translates to girl-snus. I think they started to make mini pouches so it would also be “appropriate” for girls to start buying and using it. Who gives an eff today, seriously? Everyone can and should use snus, since it’s delicious.

Offroad Melon Mini White Portion is a really good snus. I took two at the same time because otherwise it would disappear under my lip and get lost somewhere haha. I’m not that fond of snus with flavor anymore but this, I must say, is a hit. It smells like melon gum, it got that nice hint of classic tobacco and it sits well under the lip. White portion means minimal drip, the best kind of drip in my opinion.

I recently got the “privilege” to try extremely strong snus, so the Offroad was a real vacation so to speak. Beacause the pouches are smaller, ofcourse it will be less nicotine. But as I did take two at the same time I guess it’s more like a regular pouch. The nicotine kicked in after about 10 minutes or so, and I could keep it in for about 45 minutes.

I was thinking about writing a joke in the style of “oh, they really got offroad with this one” before trying it, but I have to say guys… this is gold.


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WARNING: This tobacco product can damage your health and is addictive.