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Manufactured by the Swedish brand, Kurbits Snus, Avant offers a range of nicotine products. These do not contain any tobacco.
Avant nicotine pouches also come in a variety of flavours and strengths. Users can take a look at the different pouches found here.
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More on Avant nicotine pouches

- Mint-based flavours
- All white nicotine pouches
- Selection of strengths including strong

Size and strength of Avant nicotine pouches

Avant offers a selection of different nicotine pouch strengths going up to strong for more experienced users. Additionally, pouches come in different sizes with slim being a common pouch size.

Flavours available

Avant has a selection of flavours on offer including different fruit flavours and mint options. Some of the flavours available here include Frozen Berries, Cool Mint, Cool Ice Tea and Raspberry Liquorice.