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This Swedish nicotine brand is manufactured and produced by YOIK AB. BAOW is a new product from this growing company.
The brand offers a range of nicotine pouches and does not contain any tobacco. BAOW pouches are available in a range of different flavours.

Product information for BAOW nicotine pouches

- Tobacco-free
- All white nicotine pouches
- Different flavours available
- Slim format

Nicotine strength and pouch size

These BAOW nicotine pouches come in a slim format. There are 20 pieces per can. Each nicotine pouch has 12 mg of nicotine, which makes these pouches extra strong in strength.

Flavours of BAOW pouches

This brand has a number of different flavours. These include the traditional Ice Mint flavour. BAOW also has flavours such as Gin & Tonic, as well as Chili Lime pouch flavours.

More about BAOW

We have a range of different BAOW products available. To find out more about their products and what we have on offer from this new brand, just clickhere.