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Introducing Helwit snus, an eco-conscious brand by Yoik that puts sustainability at the heart of their mission. Each Helwit pouch is crafted in Yoik's climate-smart factory, which is powered by a nearby hydropower plant in Gransholms Bruk, near Växjö, Sweden. Experience the exceptional range of flavours and products offered by Helwit, a truly Scandinavian tobacco-free snus brand committed to quality. Explore the world of Helwit and embrace a sustainable nicotine pouch experience like no other!

Helwit Snus - Committed to Flavour, Quality and Sustainability

Helwit snus has swiftly gained popularity among tobacco-free snus users throughout the UK. These discreet and tobacco-free snus pouches offer up to 30 minutes of flavour-packed release when placed between your lip and gum. Explore the extensive range of Helwit snus products, boasting eight popular flavours and four different strength options. 

Helwit pouches are meticulously crafted with a focus on both excellence and sustainability. Every aspect, from the manufacturing process to the packaging, has been thoughtfully designed to ensure a premium experience.

Helwit Nicotine Strengths and Flavours - Tailor Your Experience

Try the range of different of Helwit snus flavours available in the UK:

  • Helwit Salmiak (Strength 4/4)
  • Helwit Violet (Strength 2/4)
  • Helwit Mocha (Strength 3/4)
  • Helwit Cherry (Strength 3/4)
  • Helwit Orange (Strength 3/4)
  • Helwit Blueberry (Strength 3/4)
  • Helwit Cola (Strength 2/4)
  • Helwit Mint (Strength 2/4)

Each Helwit pouch falls within their four-point strength scale:

  • Strength 2/4: 2.9mg per pouch
  • Strength 3/4: 3.8 or 4.5mg per pouch (depending on the flavour)
  • Strength 4/4: 6mg per pouch

Best Helwit Snus - Northerner Customer Favourites

Our Northerner customers have rated the following as the top three best Helwit snus flavours:

  1. Helwit Mint
  2. Helwit Violet
  3. Helwit Mocha

Step-by-Step to Using Helwit Snus

Using Helwit snus pouches and getting a quality experience from your tobacco-free snus pouches is easy. Just follow these four simple steps:

  1. Place the pouch in your mouth.
  2. Position it between your upper or lower lip and gum. You may experience a tingling sensation when you park the pouch. 
  3. Enjoy the flavourful journey for up to 30 minutes.
  4. Responsibly dispose of the used pouch in the can lid or a designated bin.

Shop Online for Helwit Snus and Other Tobacco-Free Snus

Discover the complete range of Helwit pouches on Northerner's online store. Order your favourite Helwit products and buy snus conveniently from home and have them delivered right to your door within two working days. Explore a vast selection of nicotine pouches and tobacco free products on Northerner while enjoying fantastic deals on renowned brands like Helwit, ZYN, and Nordic Spirit. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Helwit Snus

Does Helwit Contain Tobacco?

No, Helwit pouches do not contain tobacco.

Are Helwit Nicotine Pouches Legal? 

Yes, Helwit nicotine pouches are legal in the UK.

How Long Does the Effect of Helwit Pouches Last?

When parked, Helwit pouches last (on average) around 30 minutes.

What are the Most Popular Helwit Snus Products?

The top 3 Helwit snus pouches are:

  1. Helwit Mint
  2. Helwit Violet
  3. Helwit Mocha