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Helwit Strong

Explore our range of the strongest Helwit nicotine pouches and products. Available in different strengths and flavours!

The Strongest Helwit Nicotine Pouches

Helwit is one of the leading snus brands on the market with a plethora of products and nicotine pouches available to purchase. It offers varying nicotine strengths - including an assortment of nicotine pouch options at the higher end of the scale. Explore our complete stock of the strongest Helwit pouches to enjoy sustainable snus in a wide variety of excellent flavours.

Helwit Strong Snus Strengths

The Helwit nicotine strengths start at mild but can grow to be extra strong. We're happy to sell the strongest Helwit nicotine pouches available, ensuring you get as much nicotine as you desire. As with all Helwit nicotine pouches, these come completely free from tobacco.

As a brand, Helwit uses a four-point strength scale to determine how strong the different nicotine pouches are. Strength 1/4 is the weakest while 4/4 is the strongest. Within this classification, strengths 3/4 and 4/4 are considered extra strong - and here are the details of how much nicotine is in each of the super-strength pouches:

  • - Strength 3/4: Between 3.8 and 4.5mg of nicotine per pouch
  • - Strength 4/4: 6mg of nicotine per pouch

Helwit Strong Snus Flavours

  • - Helwit Menthol: An extra strong version of the Helwit Mint product providing an additional kick to the fresh mint taste. It's 4/4 on the strength scale with 6mg of nicotine per pouch and an overall nicotine strength of 12mg/g.
  • - Helwit Cherry: Only a 3/4 on the strength scale, yet still one of the strongest Helwit nicotine pouches you can buy in the UK. Offers a tart and tangy taste with 4.5 mg of nicotine per pouch and 9mg/g overall.
  • - Helwit Salmiak: Arguably one of the most popular Helwit nicotine pouches out there, Helwit Salmiak offers a real burst of salty flavour and gives you 12mg/g total nicotine in the product. Each pouch offers 6mg of nicotine for your enjoyment.
  • - Helwit Mocha: This coffee-tasting Helwit snus delivers a tingling sensation when placed under your upper or lower lip. Provides 20 pouches per can with 4.5 mg/pouch and 9mg/g of nicotine.
  • - Helwit Orange: Another good option in the 3/4 strength range from Helwit. Experience a subtle orangey flavour and get 4.5mg/pouch of nicotine once more.
  • - Helwit Blueberry: The Helwit Blueberry flavour also provides 4.5mg of nicotine per pouch but there's also a special Extra Strong version available in the new Helwit Range. This increases the overall strength content from 9mg/g to 15mg/h - the strongest Helwit nicotine pouches to date!

How To Use A Strong Helwit Nicotine Pouch

The popularity of Helwit pouches can be traced back to their ease of use - alongside a very impressive ingredients list. If you've never tried Helwit snus before, you'll be happy to know the process of activating and experiencing this product is simple.

Get the most out of your extra-strong Helwit nicotine pouches by following these steps:

  • - Insert the pouch into your mouth
  • - Place it between your upper lip and gum - research shows that opting for the upper lip instead of the lower lip leads to a longer-lasting nicotine release. It's also more comfortable, so you'll keep your nicotine pouch in there for longer, enjoying the full benefits of the extra-strong sensation
  • - Hold the Helwit nicotine pouch in position for 30 minutes to maximise the additional strength. You will feel a tingling sensation, but this is perfectly normal!
  • - Remove the pouch and dispose of it in the nearest bin

Find The Strongest Helwit Nicotine Pouches Online

Get your hands on extra strong Helwit nicotine pouches from our website today. Enjoy some of the lowest prices across the UK with a wide range of great deals in place.

Our fast shipping will ensure you get your snus in no time!


Do Strong Helwit Nicotine Pouches Have Any Additional Ingredients?

No, the ingredients are the same as regular nicotine-free Helwit Snus products and contain cellulose fiber e460i, humectant, water, nicotine, flavourings, salt, an acidity regulator e500, erythritol and sweetener.

Are The Strongest Helwit Nicotine Pouches Safe?

We recommend building up to a higher nicotine strength if you've never used strong snus pouches before. Remember that nicotine is an addictive substance and should be used with caution.

How Many Pouches Do You Get Per Product?

You will get 20 nicotine pouches in each Helwit product. We have offers available to purchase multiple packs at a reduced price - including a great value deal for 10 packs of 20 at the modest price of £29.90.