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 Northerner Promo Codes

Are there any Northerner Discount Codes?

There are also Northerner promo codes!

If you want Northerner discount codes, make sure to sign up for our newsletter for the latest promo codes. Get exclusive access and be the first to know about the deals and discounts on Northerner. 

How do I sign up for emails?

To register for our Northerner Newsletter, when you get to checkout, check the “Register for Newsletter” box. Once your purchase is complete, you will be the first to know about our upcoming deals and promo codes.


Can I use brand promo codes?

On Northerner, we do not take external discount codes. If you try to use your Nordic Spirit promo code or VELO discount code from another site, it will not work on Northerner (even though we stock these products). 


How do I get the best deals on Northerner?

Our newsletter gives you first access to the latest deals from your favourite brands, such as Nordic Spirit, ZYN, Loop and VELO. You also get the latest limited-time discount codes, so subscribe today!


Do Northerner promo codes work on all products?

Yes, all Northerner discount codes work for all products across the site unless stated otherwise. This means you can use your Northerner discount code when you purchase any nicotine pouches across the site (just always check the terms and conditions).


Are there terms and conditions for Northerner Discount Codes?

You can check our terms and conditions on the Northerner Terms and Conditions page.