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Siberia Snus - Alternatives

Siberia chew bags is one of the strongest chewing bag varieties in the world and unique in many ways. Most notable is the high nicotine content of Siberia CB of 28 mg / pouch.
The producer GN Tobacco emphasizes that the "White Dry"-version of Siberia contains around a high number on the nicotine scale per gram.

The spicy taste of mint is also remarkable and many people enjoy it. The chew bags are supplied in normal cans just as both original snus and nicotine pouches are.

Alternatives to Siberia

Siberia is no longer available in our assortment. Are you looking for something similar - Check out White Fox Nicotine Pouches!

What is Siberia?

Siberia is the strongest Chewing Tobacco there is to find in our assortment with its almost 28mg of nicotine per pouch. Siberia is produced by GN Tobacco, also known for the nicotine pouches named White Fox. 

Siberia is recommended for very experienced users of nicotine.

Is Siberia Snus?

Siberia is also known as a snus product, but due to legislation we don´t offer snus in the UK, our assortment only contains Siberia's Chewing Tobacco. 

The difference between snus and chew is how it's produced.

Flavours of Siberia

Siberia's assortment only contains products with the flavour of mint in the UK. The difference between the products is the size of the portions. 

Strengths of Siberia

Most Siberia pouches are "ultra strong", which means around 43 mg / g nicotine per can. Siberia's products are the strongest alternatives in our assortment with a nicotine level of 27,95mg of nicotine per pouch meaning it is only recommended for very experienced users of tobacco and nicotine.