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Skruf Super White

Meet Skruf, a classic brand of tobacco-free snus. Skruf has a range of over 6 different flavours and a range of different nicotine strengths. Buy the full Skruf UK range on Northerner!

Introducing Skruf UK

Say hello to Skruf UK, one of the classic brands of nicotine pouches and snus. With a wide range of flavors and strengths, Skruf UK caters to your specific preferences. Their pouches are crafted with premium ingredients, ensuring a top-quality user experience. The full range of Skruf pouches that are smoke-free, discreet, and convenient.

Skruf Snus vs. Skruf Super White: What is the Difference?

Skruf are known for creating two different ranges of pouch: Skruf snus and Skruf nicotine pouches (also known as Skruf Super White). What is the difference between Skruf snus and Skruf Super White? The main difference between them is Skruf snus contains tobacco (this means is not sold in the UK or Europe as it is considered traditional snus), but Skruf Super White is tobacco-free. 

Skruf Super White UK: A Range of Strong Pouches

The Skruf UK range contains pouches with nicotine strengths from 5mg to 18.3mg of nicotine per pouch. There are 5 different nicotine strength options to choose from:

  • Normal (Skruf No.56, No.62, No.71 and No. 52): 5mg of nicotine per pouch
  • Strong (Skruf No. 53, No.63, No.60 and No.57): 10mg of nicotine per pouch
  • Xtra (Skruf No. 54): 13mg of nicotine per pouch
  • Max (Skruf No.66): 18.3mg of nicotine per pouch
  • Ultra (Skruf No. 55): 18.7mg of nicotine per pouch


Skruf Flavours: Ranked

There are currently 7 unique flavours of Skruf Super White in the UK. On Northerner, the most popular Skruf flavours are ranked as follows:

  1. Fresh Mint (No.52, No.53, No.54 and No.55)
  2. Frozen Mint (No.60)
  3. Purple Cassice (No.63 and No.71)
  4. Polar Eucalpytus (No.57)
  5. Nordic Liquorice (No.56)
  6. Indigo Berry (No.62)
  7. Red Rhuby (#3)

When making the tough choice of “Which Skruf Nicotine Pouches to Buy?”, think about which flavours you like and what nicotine strength you prefer - what other users like may not be for you!

Using Skruf Super White Pouches: Step-by-Step Guide

Skruf nicotine pouches are convenient: you can just place them under your upper or lower lip. The nicotine is released from the pouch when you have it in place and absorbed through the lining of your mouth. To make the most of your Skruf white pouch, you can just:

  1. Put the pouch into your mouth
  2. Position it under your upper or lower lip
  3. Leave it for in place for up to 40 minutes (you can move it slightly if you want more release or if it becomes uncomfortable).
  4. Remove the pouch and dispose of it responsibly (in the catch lid on the top of the can or in a bin).


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