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Skruf - Skruf Super White

The story of Skruf started in 2002 and since day one we know them for their creativity and modern flavours on the nicotine market. 

Today Skruf Super White is one of the most popular brands on the all white market. The classic brand offers various nicotine pouches in a range of different flavours, where you can find everything from the black currant tasting Cassice to the innovative and exciting flavour of rubarb with the Red Rhuby. 

Pick your favourite and enjoy Skruf's longlasting and slim portions whenever and whereever you want to! 

What is Skruf?

Skruf Snus is today one of the biggest manufacturers of snus and nicotine pouches with a wide assortment of different brands and products, where Skruf SuperWhite is the brand for nicotine pouches. 

Skruf Snus

Since founded in 2002 Skruf has made an impressive journey and is today known as one of the biggest Snus manufacturers in Sweden with brands like Skruf, Knox, and Skruf SuperWhite. Because of legislation in the UK, we only offer the SuperWhite segment in our assortment where you are able to find a great variety of nicotine pouches in many different flavours and strengths.  


Flavours of Skruf Super White

As mentioned above - Skruf Super White really pushes the limit when comes to flavour. In the assortment, you are able to find everything from many different shades of classic mint and menthol to more innovative flavours like blackberry, blackcurrant and liquorice. 

  • Mint -The biggest category flavour-wise in Skruf's assortment with 4 different strengths of Skruf Fresh, a refreshing flavour of menthol with a bit of burning feeling, Skruf Polar, a sweet twist of eucalyptus and a clear mint flavour, and the Frozen Shot, packed in unique Superslim portions with a high release of strong mint. 

  • Blackcurrant - Here you are able to find 2 different products in the assortment of Skruf - Cassice, with a regular nicotine strength combined with a high release of sweet and sour berry taste, and Solbær, basically the same flavour as Cassice but with a bit higher nicotine strength.

  • Liquorice - One of the first liquorice products in our assortment is Skruf Superwhite Nordic. Characteristics for these pouches are the perfect mix of a regular nicotine level together with a great and well-rounded flavour of sweet and salty licorice.

  • Blackberry - The most unique flavour in Skruf Superwhite's assortment is Skruf Bjørnebær. A great mix of sweetness from the berries together with a hint of cold mint.

Skruf Nicotine Strengths

Skruf's assortment contains a variety of strength that matches any preferences. From mellow and normal nicotine content in flavours like Mint, Licorice, and blackberry to more strong alternatives with flavour of mint and blackcurrant meaning that Skruf is recommended for any user of nicotine.