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White Fox

White Fox is not only about that awesome design - it's also about making a difference and innovate the nicotine market!

The Fox is famous for it's extreeeemely strong all white nicotine pouches that are served in 2 different sizes. The Regular Mint and Double Mint come in a slim format for that nice and discreet look under your lip.

If you all though are looking for that unique White Fox feeling, then go for the large Full Charge - the largest pouches in the market right now with a nicotine content of 16,5 mg per pouch.

With that said. If you like your pouches strong, you're at the right place. Just find your favourite shade of mint and get your inner fox going! 

What is White Fox Nicotine Pouches?

White Fox is a brand produced by the Swedish manufacturer GN Tobacco famous for their wide assortment of brands in the snus category such as Siberia

Is White Fox Snus?

No, White Fox is not Snus. Snus is a tobacco product while White Fox is completely free from it. However, the concept between the two is basically the same - you put the pouch under the upper lip. White Fox is something we like to call Nicotine Pouches and since it is tobacco-free it's not Snus. 

Flavours of White Fox Nicotine Pouches

White Fox assortment is all about Mint in different shades. 

  • White Fox Peppered Mint - A burning peppermint with a high nicotine content packed in slim portions.

  • White Fox Mint Strong - A regular mint containing loads of nicotine all served in slim pouches.

  • White Fox Double Mint - Nice twist of mint and menthol for that freezing and sweet feeling at the same time. All packed in slim portions.

  • White Fox Full Charge Strong - A burning mint with the highest nicotine content in the assortment of White Fox, served in large pouches.


Different Strengths of White Fox

There is currently no difference between the strengths in White Fox's assortment since all of them are classified as extra strong. 

Extra strong nicotine pouches, as well as White Fox's assortment, are mainly recommended for experienced users of nicotine.