AG Snus

AG Snus has been around since the mid-19th Century. Georg Gundersen began producing snus – coarse-cut tobacco and spun tobacco – in Assens Tobaksfabrik (tobacco factory) in 1864. Snus and tobacco in many shapes and forms have been produced in the same factory ever since.

AG Snus manufactures a wide range of snus brands, some of them are Kapten, Crafted Snus, and Hope & Glory

150 years of traditions: a timeline

1864: Assens Tobaksfabrik in Odense is established and starts production. The factory manufactures coarse-cut tobacco, spun tobacco, and snus, as well as other smokeless tobacco products.

1939: Assens Tobaksfabrik begins to focus on smokeless tobacco and pipe tobacco.

1950 – 1970: The factory ceases to produce spun tobacco, and new cuts emerge.

1990: Assens Tobaksfabrik merges with Scandinavian Tobacco Group to form Orlik Tobacco Company, which will become the largest manufacturer of pipe tobacco in the world during the 2000’s.

2002: Orlik Tobacco Company and Scandinavian Tobacco Group forms the company Fiedler & Lundgren and enters the Swedish market.

2008: Fiedler & Lundgren is sold to British American Tobacco, and Assens Tobaksfabrik begins manufacturing snus again.

2009: Alex Gundersen takes over the company and builds a new, modern snus factory.

2010: The factory starts producing snus and the company AG Snus is established.

2011: AG Snus introduces their first brands of snus to the Swedish Market.