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Smokeless Tobacco: Snuff & Dip

Whether you’re new to smokeless tobacco or a veteran, at some point, you’ve probably had questions about dip and snuff—like can dip and American snuff be used interchangeably? Let’s jump right in. What these two products have in common is that they’re both smokeless tobacco, which simply means they don’t have to be burned or inhaled. Majority of smokeless tobacco users suck, dip or chew tobacco in their mouth until they’re ready to spit out the tobacco juices that have built up—but there’s also spitless smokeless tobacco options like nicotine pouches and lozenges. Knowing the main differences between the two can be quite tricky, but we can help make it easier to understand.

What Is Dipping Tobacco?

Dipping tobacco is ground tobacco that is placed in the lower lip. This form of tobacco requires the user to spit out saliva. That’s due to the fact that dip is fermented, and swallowing the tobacco juices can lead to an upset stomach. Unlike chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco doesn’t require any chewing, as the saliva naturally extracts the juices from the tobacco product.

What Is Snuff Tobacco?

Snuff tobacco is powdered or finely cut tobacco packaged either moist or dry. Generally, you can expect American snuff to be moist and sold in different flavors and strengths. Snuff is available loose, but can also be consumed in small pouches that look very similar to tea bags. Keep in mind that American moist snuff is often referred to as dipping tobacco. To consume and enjoy, just take a pinch or pouch of moist snuff and place it between your cheek and gums—or behind your lips.

Why Are Chewing Tobacco and Snuff Often Called Spitting Tobacco?

Chewing tobacco and snuff are often called spitting tobacco because they both create extra juices in your mouth that require you to spit your saliva.

Snuff & Dipping Tobacco Brands

Some of the most popular Snuff and Dipping Tobacco brands in the U.S. are Copenhagen, Skoal, Grizzly, and more. If you want to know which dip tobacco is the most popular, take part of our best dip tobacco product to find out!

How Is Dipping Tobacco Made?

Dipping tobacco is produced differently than snuff and chewing tobacco. It involves fire curing of the tobacco instead of steam curing, and this process can take anywhere from 30-90 days. If this sounds interesting, check out how dipping tobacco is made from beginning to end.

If you still have more questions about dipping tobacco and how it differs between snuff and chewing tobacco, check out the article called "Dipping Tobacco vs. Chewing Tobacco" written by expert Chad Jones aka Snubie.