America's Best Chew

Discover America's Best Chewing Tobacco and Dip- formerly known as Red Man Chewing Tobacco.  Shop the full range of chew and dip products from America's Best Tobacco and get them shipped to you with our fast shipping options!


  • All smokeless tobacco products are for adult tobacco consumers aged 21 and above who already use oral tobacco products.
  • No, you should not swallow tobacco. If you swallow any of the tobacco, please reach out to your local healthcare provider for advice.
  • You can choose from 4 different America’s Best Flavors:
    • (America’s Best) Red Man Orginal Blend
    • (America’s Best) Red Man Golden Blend
    • (America’s Best) Red Man Silver Blend
    • (America’s Best) Red Man Select Blend
  • America’s Best is manufactured and distributed by the Pinkerton Tobacco Company, which is now owned by Swedish Match.