A no non-sense premium chewing tobacco since 1897, Beech Nut is a popular with all types. Doesn't burn, not to sweet, it's just right to give you an authentic taste. Beech Nut American chewing tobacco by National Tobacco Co. Try it today!

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What is Beech-Nut?

Beech-Nut is a premium chewing tobacco brand that has been around since 1897. It has been popular among many as it doesn’t burn, is not very sweet and gives you the authentic American chew experience. It is a good smoke-free way to use tobacco. 

How to Chew Beech-Nut

Chewing tobacco is a smokeless oral tobacco product. Chewing tobacco, such as Beech-Nut, can be chewed or not but is most effective when placing it between the cheek and lower gum. This helps draw out its flavor, if you have any unwanted juices, you can just spit them out.  

What Beech-Nut Nicotine Strengths are there?

On Northerner, you can choose from two flavors: Original and Wintergreen. Each pack is 3oz (around 85 grams). As for the strength, it depends how much you use as to how strong the nicotine experience will be.

Beech-Nut vs Other Chewing Tobacco Brands

Other brands of chewing tobacco or American Chew include Redman, Levi Garrett and Stokers. The brand and type you pick will depend on your taste and the experience you want from your chewing tobacco. For more detailed reviews of chew tobacco, check out the Northerner!

Do Beech-Nut Make Pouches?

No, there are no Beech-Nut pouches on the market. Beech-nut only produces chew tobacco (also known as American chew).

If you are looking for pouches and pre-made portions of tobacco or tobacco-free nicotine, you can find them on Northerner. We have a range of both tobacco and tobacco-free portions for those who want to enjoy the nicotine experience with less mess.

Where can you buy Beech-Nut Chewing Tobacco?

If you are wondering where to buy Beech-Nut chew, you can of course try your local tobacconist but the best way is to buy it online on Northerner. Choose from two different flavors depending on if you want a more traditional tobacco taste (Original) or if you prefer a fresher flavor (Wintergreen).