Chewing Tobacco

American Chew, also known as Chewing Tobacco, is one of the oldests methods of tobacco consumption, and has been manufactured and used in the United States for hundreds of years. Chewing tobacco can be experienced in plug, and loose leaf fine cut and long cut. Shop our wide online selection of leading chewing tobacco brands like Red Man, Levi Garret, Oliver Twist and more.

What is Chewing Tobacco?

Chewing tobacco is a larger-grain of tobacco leaves that are shredded or twisted and come loose in paper packets or small cans. Hence its name, chewing tobacco is designed to be held in your mouth and chewed, which releases nicotine and flavor. Chewing tobacco is also available in a number of different flavors, so you’re bound to find the chewing tobacco that best suits your taste buds. While chewing tobacco has been around for hundreds of years, it became more popular in the United States when baseball players began using it in the 1970s. Find the best chewing tobacco in our full guide. 


Chewing tobacco comes in several forms: Twist (or rope) is a type of chewing tobacco that is twisted into a rope shape. Plug was also originally twisted but today it is more commonly pressed into a rectangular block. Twist is often flavored with ingredients like honey, chocolate, or cinnamon, which are held in place with a wrapper leaf. Chew is another name for loose leaf chewing tobacco that has been ground up into small pieces. Snuff is finely-powdered tobacco that you sniff through the nose. It can be either dry or moist. Dip is an oral form of snuff where you spit out the excess saliva after dipping into the powder.

How to Use Chewing Tobacco?

Not all chewing tobacco is packaged the same, but consuming the product is pretty consistent regardless of the brand. Similarly to snuff, chewing tobacco is placed in the mouth between the cheek and the gums. The more you chew and move the tobacco around in your mouth, the more opportunity there is for the nicotine to get into the bloodstream. Just try not to swallow any of the juices from the tobacco.

Best Chewing Tobacco Brands

Northerner offers some of the best chewing tobacco brands in the market. Some of the best and most popular brands is listed below: