All Chewing Tobacco Brands



Introduced in 1940, Stoker’s blends 100% American grown dark fired and air cured tobacco from the central and western regions of Tennessee and Kentucky to ensure that their moist snuff is made using only the highest quality. Known for their unique cuts and long-lasting flavor, Stoker’s offers a premium dip experience from start to finish. Choose from their unique flavors like Tequila Sunrise or Peach and buy Stoker’s top quality tobacco online at our premium prices.

America's Best Chew

First introduced in 1904, Red Man Chewing Tobacco was the first brand of smokeless tobacco packaged in a resealable bag that extended its product life. Traditionally, it comes as leaf tobacco in contrast to twist chewing tobacco or the ground tobacco that can usually be found in snus. High quality and fully satisfying, Red Man sets the standards for great tasting chewing tobacco with legendary flavor. Buy Red Man tobacco online today. 

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist Chewing Tobacco is a uniquely designed, hand-rolled mini tobacco that comes in several different flavors. Because it’s made from natural tobacco and doesn’t contain tar or carbon monoxide, this discreet smoke- and spit-free product is also known for its easy-to-use clean nature. Plus, it really comes in handy when you’re heading to places where smoking is not permitted. Buy Oliver Twist Tobacco on our site today.

Levi Garrett

Levi Garrett is a chewing tobacco by American Snuff Co. and is available as Original, Extra and Plug. Order today at northerner.com and benefit from cheap prices and UPS shipping.


Starr Chewing Tobacco has a taste of tobacco. This is a loose leaf product that consists of shredded tobacco leafs.