Copenhagen Tobacco

Founded in 1822, Copenhagen was one of the first brands to introduce smokeless tobaccoand today, it still remains one of the most authentic and best-selling premium tobacco products on the market. Made from 100% American-grown tobacco, Copenhagen is available in its original fine cut, long cut, snuff and of course, pouches, packaged in their traditional metal lid and fiberboard can. Buy Copenhagen tobacco online today!

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What is Copenhagen's Tobacco?

You may be wondering what Copenhagen tobacco is exactly, or maybe you’re curious about its tobacco process. Most commonly known for its original snuff and dipping tobacco, Copenhagen prides itself in producing the perfect tobacco products. That’s why it can take up to four years to make a single can of product. From sowing the seeds to aging the leaves, Copenhagen’s experienced farmers must monitor each and every step throughout the process to ensure the brand delivers top-notch qualityand that’s far from easy. 


Tobacco is a tough plant in general, and it’s even tougher to grow. Copenhagen uses “topping,” a time-tested ritual of ripping off the top flower of the tobacco plant to provide the leaves more stability, and to give the plant a richer shine. Using nothing but an axe, each plant is harvested by hand before it’s moved to the most important step in the process—flavor and aging. For the final steps, the leaves are cured under smoldering hardwood for about 30 days, then every single leaf sits in a hogshead barrel until it’s aged just right. Learn more about Copenhagen at the Copenhagen FAQ Page.

What are the Flavors of Copenhagen Dip?

Copenhagen dip comes in southern blend, wintergreen and mint flavors, with the option of either long cut or extra long cut.

What does Copenhagen Long Cut taste like?

Copenhagen Long Cut has a sweet and succulent tobacco flavor that’s long-lasting. It also delivers a pretty powerful nicotine kick within just a few minutes. Long cut is also easy to pack, which helps the dip stay in your mouth without coming apart. If you like sweet tobacco, then you should definitely give it a try. If you’re looking for something a little less sweet, you can also try out Copenhagen Straight Long Cut.