General Snus

Manufactured in Sweden, it’s no secret why General Snus is one of the most popular snus brands even beyond Sweden’s borders. Launched in 1866, General Snus has stayed true to its original recipes, offering more than 20 varieties of tobacco using only the finest parts of the tobacco plants. Plus, each tobacco flavor is completed with their signature bergamot oil, which helps create very distinctive flavor characteristics, emphasized by pepper and a hint of citrus. Buy General Snus online today!


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  1. General White Portion Snus
    100 % of 100
    General White
    10 - cans
    1 - can ($6.49 / can)
    5 - cans ($6.48 / can)
    10 - cans ($6.33 / can)
    25 - cans ($5.84 / can)
  2. General Portion Snus
    100 % of 100
    General Original
    10 - cans
    1 - can ($6.69 / can)
    5 - cans ($6.68 / can)
    10 - cans ($6.52 / can)
    25 - cans ($6.02 / can)

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Previously known as Generalsnus, this is a top brand when it comes to original Swedish snus. Excitingly, there is a range of options available. This means that you can choose from a variety of different strengths and flavors, enabling you to find something that suits your needs. But where to buy General snus flavors? Well, you can find them right here on our online site!


  • Range of General snus products on offer
  • Chewing tobacco options available

How much nicotine is in General snus?

General snus offers the option to snus by different strengths. That's because this brand has an array of options for you to enjoy including regular options at 8 and 8.5 mg nicotine per gram pouches. However, another selling point of this brand is that it does offer extra strength options. So, when looking for General snus, you'll find one product with 15 mg nicotine/mg pouches on offer. We do recommend this only for experienced users though!

What flavors does General offer?

In addition to strength, General snus can help you find the perfect flavor. This brand has a range of different options available to you. These include the classic General snus original and General snus white portions, both with a lemon citrus flavor. But, there are also other options including wintergreen and the General snus mint flavor. This latter icy blast gives a refreshing, cooling hit and is available in regular and mini-Mint pouches.

How to use General snus?

Getting started with regular or General white snus is very easy. These pouches fit snugly under the lip so that the flavor and nicotine can be absorbed. You don't need to spit which makes them more discrete than products from the dip and chew categories. So, now you know what General snus is, shop with us today!